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  1. Wow, that is impressive!!! The level of detail you have achieved is truly amazing.
  2. I must be doing something wrong... I don't see the product when I search for Fairy Hobby 48008 on eBay. What am i doing wrong?
  3. That's good looking Corsair! I really like your pilot figure and display base too. Nice work. Todd
  4. I would be interested in some canopies for the F-15C too!
  5. Wow, great finish! The tiger stripe camouflage turned out great and the engine exhaust nozzle is fantastic. Very realistic weathering too. I think the horizontal stabilizers on the F-16 drop a few degrees... yours appear to sit level. Great model!
  6. Wow, great model! You have really captured the look of a well used, but well maintained Voodoo. Nice work.
  7. Thanks Whiskey!!! Thanks gents, I appreciate the compliments! Joel, 2018 looks to be a busy year work wise, but I'm hopeful I'll have something to share 😁
  8. Hi Fighting Eighty-Four, thanks for the compliments! The metal portion of the stand is part of an aluminum bar I found at my local home improvement store, polished to a high shine. Not sure what its intended purpose was, but there was a large assortment of aluminum and steel bar, rod, and tube. I fashioned a bending jig by cutting a slot/grove for the metal bar in two pieces of ~ 3" wide wood, offset near the edge of the wood (instead of the center). The wood holds the bar and keeps it straight, but allows it to slide when I bend the two pieces of wood. I did a similar stand on an F-15 model I built and I've also done similar things with the aluminum rod I mentioned...
  9. Do these help? I don't really know much about the B-1's weapons bays, but these are GBU-38s, -54s, and -31s loaded in a B-1 in 2013/2014... -Todd
  10. Hi Whiskey, thanks for the compliments! I don't have a WIP thread, but I posted some pics when I finished the model earlier last year. Thanks for looking! Todd
  11. Thanks for the compliments gents!
  12. Wow, that's an impressive quantity of quality models! Todd
  13. Happy New Year ARC! 2017 was a good year for me, but a job change and a move across the globe kept me away from the workbench more than I would have liked. However, I did manage to complete 3 models this year... a Su-30MKI from the Trumpeter kit, a Ju-88A-4 from the Revell kit, and an F-16C Block 52+ from the Academy kit, all in 1/72 scale. Thanks for the modeling inspiration and the wealth of information, techniques, and camaraderie. I wish you all happy modeling in 2018!!! Todd
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