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  1. Kursad, Any chance you will expand your 1/72 F-111 line to include Cold War USAFE subjects? Some Upper Heyford "E's" and Lakenheath "F's" would be pretty cool...
  2. Very nice paint work, what a great 109!
  3. Really nice Flanker! The "unpainted" areas and burner cans are awesome... especially given it's 1/72 scale. Nice work!
  4. Wow, that is impressive!!! The level of detail you have achieved is truly amazing.
  5. I must be doing something wrong... I don't see the product when I search for Fairy Hobby 48008 on eBay. What am i doing wrong?
  6. That's good looking Corsair! I really like your pilot figure and display base too. Nice work. Todd
  7. I would be interested in some canopies for the F-15C too!
  8. Wow, great finish! The tiger stripe camouflage turned out great and the engine exhaust nozzle is fantastic. Very realistic weathering too. I think the horizontal stabilizers on the F-16 drop a few degrees... yours appear to sit level. Great model!
  9. Wow, great model! You have really captured the look of a well used, but well maintained Voodoo. Nice work.
  10. Thanks Whiskey!!! Thanks gents, I appreciate the compliments! Joel, 2018 looks to be a busy year work wise, but I'm hopeful I'll have something to share 😁
  11. Hi Fighting Eighty-Four, thanks for the compliments! The metal portion of the stand is part of an aluminum bar I found at my local home improvement store, polished to a high shine. Not sure what its intended purpose was, but there was a large assortment of aluminum and steel bar, rod, and tube. I fashioned a bending jig by cutting a slot/grove for the metal bar in two pieces of ~ 3" wide wood, offset near the edge of the wood (instead of the center). The wood holds the bar and keeps it straight, but allows it to slide when I bend the two pieces of wood. I did a similar stand on an F-15 model I built and I've also done similar things with the aluminum rod I mentioned...
  12. Do these help? I don't really know much about the B-1's weapons bays, but these are GBU-38s, -54s, and -31s loaded in a B-1 in 2013/2014... -Todd
  13. Hi Whiskey, thanks for the compliments! I don't have a WIP thread, but I posted some pics when I finished the model earlier last year. Thanks for looking! Todd
  14. Thanks for the compliments gents!
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