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  1. great work there. i would be very curious to see how they take paint !
  2. thanks a lot Sebastian, can't wait to see the final result
  3. really nice choice of colors. which ones did you use for this camo?
  4. That is some really great job. I love the colours and the finish you gave it.
  5. Alexandre, first of all let me wish you the best with your health. Take care of your self! Then the work you put into this model is amazing. There is not enough that can be said. good job and i can't wait to see more of your work
  6. can you guys check that my assumptions as to what kind of weapons these are, are correct? Su-35BM - weapons by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr Su-35BM_weapons 2 by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr
  7. Hi Andrea, I am using Kittyhawk's model which has the correct for the early configuration stinger. Or at least I believe so πŸ™‚ Kittyhawk provide the late type of stinger in resin, so I won't be using the resin part.
  8. I can't thank you enough Berkut. I will post some pictures of the progress when i go home. I am not planning to put two Kh-59 but only one on the right side and most probably a KAB 1500 kl on the other side. as for the rest of the weapons, I am going to use Eduard's weapon set which has some nice R-27's, R-77, R-60 and R-73 of course, If you have any pictures of the "902", I would very much appreciate to have them.
  9. Good luck with the build. I can't wait to see how this builds πŸ™‚
  10. Hello guys, I am building the Kittyhawk SU-35 in the following version: SU-35 BM "902". I am now at the weapons stage (still before painting the camo though) and I am struggling a bit with the weapons and how these are attached to the launchers and the pylons (if I assume that the pylon is the one attached to the plane, and the launcher is the one attached in-between the weapon and the pylon). to make things more clear, I am planning to attach a KH-59 M(E) as seen in the picture. This was "stolen" from the SU-34 Kittyhawk kit. My problem however
  11. really nice result with the fading effect and weathering. was that done all with airbrush?
  12. another piece of information coming from Kittyhawk you guys might want to know is about the new Engine Removal and Installation Trailer. this has been advertised on Kittyhawk's facebook page. 36339960_2113527292239218_2529697293091733504_o by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr 36357108_2113527332239214_1176503890128928768_o by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr 36320645_2113527385572542_2416770353633165312_o by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr 36318547_2113527185572562_824312955494465536_o by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr
  13. just received a reply from kittyhawk that the pods and the figures are sold separately for 20usd plus shipping
  14. my kit does not include the pods and the figures. only two types of exhausts i will try and get some more pictures to post here.
  15. Mine arrived today directly from Asia to europe, no taxes paid luckily. 35686903_10156447347732354_7089627559737950208_n by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr 35547722_10156447348312354_1184239568610656256_n by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr 20180618_134756 by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr and the box lid makes it for a nice house for the cat πŸ™‚ 20180618_135100 by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr New Doc 2018-06-18_4 by Chrysostomos Deliyiannis, on Flickr
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