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  1. Thank you all.😀
  2. Thank you very much.😀
  3. Very very nice!
  4. The kit has so many parts seperated. But not so hard to build. It's good fitting.
  5. Thank you very much.😀
  6. Hi every one I like to present 1/48 Su-17M4 Kit: Kitty Hawk Thank you very much for watching.😊
  7. Thank you very much for your recommendation. I will do next time.😀 I take that Su-24 picture by mobile phone Samsung A9. So I think this is time to buy some real camera. 😀😀
  8. Hi everyone.😀 I like to present my lastest work. 1/72 Su-24MR ( Trumpeter kit) Thanks for watching.😀
  9. Thank you all.😄😄
  10. Thank you All.😀😀
  11. Thank you very much everyone. āļ‚āļ­āļšāļ„āļļāļ“āļ„āļĢāļąāļš
  12. Hi everyone 😃 I like to present Kinetic F-16D block52 RTAF 1/48 Scale. This is not real use in Thailand Airforce but maybe in future.😆😆 She come with digital camouflage. Hope you like and thanks for watching.
  13. Great job. Nice paint job.