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  1. Yes those are the ones I was talking about..believe they just came out this year
  2. Has anyone used the Tamiya laquers? I ordered a few to try. Any reviews?
  3. I just got the badger patriot 105 airbrush and the as180-15 air compressor...I was running a cheap Chinese airbrush off eBay and a really loud air compressor made for general use around the house..all I can say is that I’m pissed off I spent so much money on kits over the last few years and waited so long to get a good compressor and airbrush! What a difference! The badger is really quite compared to what I had atleast. I picked it up at Micheal’s as they have their weekly 55 percent off sale...only cost 150 Canadian and well worth it for a name brand!
  4. Just as title says..looking for tutor kits in either scale..lemme know if you got
  5. Perfect thanks for the reply! I'll have to pick some up as I only have set and sol
  6. So I got my canmilair decals and it says to cover them with some decal film before use...anyone have experience with these? Any tips on proper application of these??
  7. Very nice build!! Love the prop blur and the razorback is one of my favs!
  8. So I'm gonna be looking for a new airbrush and have narrowed it down to a couple ones at the local store..I've read good things about both...looking for some reviews from people in the forum...I know the badger is a bit more expensive and wondering if it's worth it?!
  9. Anyone know the paint match for the red and blue on the Thunderbirds? I seen it somewhere but can't find it now
  10. Looks great so far! Always love seeing the Canadian hornets!
  11. So my order just arrived with Mr.Primer 1000 and Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500 along with some Mr.color levelling thinner..now from what I understand is the primers are solvent based but the levelling thinner will work with it? And the levelling thinner will also work with tamiya and MM acrylics??Just want to confirm before I create a mess lol. Also any tips using these products is appreciated. I've read great things about them and have had adhesion issues in the past and wanted to give them a try
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