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  1. you want to sue them because they won't answer you and they are frauds and they sell defective products? okay good luck trying to win that case. how do they know that you didn't lose the pieces? or maybe you broke them by accident and want free replacements? do you realize that you are NOT the only person who bothers them about stuff like this? there are probably hundreds of people who email them trying to get free stuff .. maybe for kitbashing, maybe they lost it, maybe the quality control was bad and it really didn't come in the package.. i'm not defendin
  2. Helping a buddy sell/trade the following 1/48 Hasegawa Tomcat kits. His preference is to trade the entire list below for two (2) 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcats (local GTA if possible).. he didn't give me prices for each kit or shipping instructions, but if anyone is interested, please PM me and I will put you two in touch so that you can work out purchase/trade details. F-14D TOMCAT "BLACK TOMCAT" F-14B TOMCAT "VF-103 JOLLY ROGERS" F-14D "CVW-14" F-14A TOMCAT "VF-154 BLACK KNIGHTS" F-14A TOMCAT "VF-154 USS KITTY HAWK" GRUMMAN F-14A TOMCAT "ATLANTIC F
  3. here, let me google that for you (https://letmegooglethat.com/) looks like DXM has decals in 1/48 for the F-4B Jolly Rogers, as does Super Scale and Vagabond Decals!
  4. looked elsewhere and snagged one from plazajapan as well as my original order from HLJ that was backordered.. guess i'll have two incoming now!
  5. dunno, found a few places that have it on pre-order.. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/mcdonnell-douglas-f4e-phantom--early--usaf-vietnam-war-expected-june-2021-fine-molds-24fp41-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=177062 https://www.plazajapan.com/4536318720416/
  6. i ordered the USAF version on march 10th from HLJ, but the order is still open/backordered.. does this pretty much mean i missed out on it? i was able to get the EJ Kai version even though i ordered it at the same time. just wondering if i should start looking elsewhere or hang tight and fine molds will produce more?
  7. Let's pretend that Su-27 kits are running shoes/sneakers... who makes them? N ike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno, Puma.. the list goes on and on.. do you complain when a new company makes a running shoe? They are basically the same.. it's a shoe.. do we need more of that subject?
  8. couple leads but nothing solid yet, PM incoming!
  9. @kozlok thanks for the heads up! it's an interesting subject, so i want to have a kick at the can.. oooh B-58 Hustler in 48th? impressive!!! @phantomfan ooooh shipping from europe will def be expensive but i'm curious to see exactly how much it'd be.. PM incoming @aircal62 PM incoming as well
  10. Looking to purchase a Sea Vixen from Airfix, let me know whatcha got!
  11. hey sundowner.. started typing out a reply but i think it'll be easier to read if i just put it down in pointform/timeline format. Nov 04 2020: first order paid for and confirmation from PHR Nov 12 2020: second order paid for and confirmation from PHR Dec 01 2020: emailed PHR about orders and attempted chat, no reply for either Dec 09 2020: posted here on ARCForums about PHR, was told to relax and wait and check FB Dec 16 2020: email from PHR about shipment #1 on the way Jan 17 2021: shipment #1 delivered Feb 03 2021: email from PHR about s
  12. Aah cool, thanks for all the replies.. I'm guessing I ordered right as he got busy and I didn't realize he was so active on FB. Looking forward to his stuff, first time ordering from him!
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