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  1. I think there are a few of us in here that pre-ordered (paid) for the kit from Sincere Hobby. I heard there was an issue getting a reply from them, so I tried and got no response as well. Paypal dispute/claim is only good for 180 days and it's been WAY longer than that. What sort of (legal) action can I take? I was going to wait it out to see what happens, but I want a refund now too.
  2. Lack of understanding and friendship??? I offered you free decals.. Did you expect me to also go and spend time to find and pay for an envelope? How about the time to go find a nice big piece of cardboard to make sure your decals don't get bent.. and to take time out of my evening to wait in line at the post office after a hard day at work, and then pay for the postage to send this large envelope to you? I certainly don't think it will be free to send it.. do you think I could tell the person at the Post Office that there's a "lack of understanding and friendship" since I have to pay? Hmm.. I live in the same city as you.. perhaps you would rather I spend gas money to drive somewhere and meet you? or perhaps take public transit.. either way, that's more TIME and MONEY out of MY pocket and that's not even COUNTING the decals... Did you offer any understanding and friendship when I saw your Kijiji ad a few years ago for the Revell MiG-25 and I offered you $40??? I was unemployed and I was offering to PAY for it AND spend bus money to come pick it up. But nope, you refused to let it go for anything less than $60. I feel that I'm a nice guy though, so my offer for the free decals still stands. But shipping & handling is still $40.
  3. Shippings gonna cost ya $40 though. US Dollars.
  4. I have some complete 1/32 F-14A decals for ya. Free of charge.
  5. can i just ask why this thread is in the jet modeling forum!??? ...i wish people care a little more about throwing their junk thread everywhere...(the thread may be totally legit... lets hope that people care more when they throw garbage in the can, not in the sink... look at what you're doing please!) ...and wish mods could delete those threads as fast as they appear...
  6. yes, most people will probably argue about decals and boxart.. but VF-101 might be one that everyone agrees on! i vote for vf-101! (but my guilty side also likes the Jolly Rogers!) should ask all the asian kids what they prefer hehe since the biggest market for model kits is in asia
  7. hey there.. what pieces is it missing? doesnt matter about paint and decals.. i will strip it down and rebuild :) im in canada btw, so ya might have to break it down a bit and send it in a padded envelope instead of a box..
  8. crap, u coulda gave it to me so i could practice my building skills!
  9. hmm.. do i have the correct term for this part? i thought it was the tail boom..
  10. i really like what i'm seeing.. i don't mind paying a higher price for a higher quality product.
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