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  1. Well unfortunately health concerns took a toll this season and I've just been unable to get the focus and energy away from my more immediate needs to make any foreseeable progress on this project. So for now I can't see this getting done by the deadline or next few months, which I'm rather disappointed in. I didn't intend to start a thread and not complete it. At some point I'll take this up again but I just wanted to give an update on the status. A lot of great information was given in this thread though and I really appreciate all the contributors, the information they provided has helped me
  2. To show visually what we're talking about... There's a discrepancy in the height of the tail rudders. Here's a view comparing my schematic... I think the tail end of the Airfix is slightly out of proportion which leads to its rudder height appearing correct depending on how you line up the points. So as Rex suggested its technically correct to those set of numbers. Just use what you want in the end, this is rather ticky-tacky details which get lost from a far. Here's a rough mockup of the nose section addition. Its lightly glued in place to get a sense of how it will look. I like th
  3. I actually intended to try and cut out the rudder anyway to see if I could replicate the scale gap between the bottom of the rudder and the rest of the fin, and to slightly correct its shape as well. As a result I was just going to rebuild whats below the rudder with styrene. I like to go Frankenstein with styrene for some reason. Not sure if I can pull it off but I want to try once at least and see how it goes. Good to know that its a simple cut and replace though.
  4. True enough about the Hobby Boss kits, lists vs reality and all that. Who knows when and if they'll become a reality! Very interesting about the rudder difference! That would mess things up depending on if a rudder decal was made for a specific kit. Thankfully it won't be an issue for this build. To me the Hasegawa rudder appears to be in more accurate proportion, which could be swapped with a little work I think. Thats just my preference though, its not something that draws attention to itself. Thanks for the info Rex!
  5. Progress update... First I came across an interesting tidbit while looking for parts. Apparently HobbyBoss has scheduled a new tooled A-4E, F, and M for release this year. I found the first reference at Hannants and after searching around came across this: Scalemates Hobbyboss A-4 Link I'm not sure what to expect but I'm excited to see how it comes off. So back to the build... I got a hold of the Airfix kit: A nice little kit! The plastic is a bit soft and the details appear a bit rounded and shallow but definately still passable. Getting the fuselage off the spruses is kind of a chore
  6. Its amazing how much time during a full build is really spent doing this kind of detail work, and then it takes 10 seconds to actually connecting the wings and fuselage together. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!
  7. Here is the alignment after adjusting the dimensions to more appropriate numbers: I really like how well this profile lines up to the specs, sure there's some work in a few places but that's the fun of the kit building! The fuselage on the F profile is actually a Hagesawa TA-4J fuselage with some material trimmed off (indicated by the red lines). So I'm not even using the original Hagesawa F fuselage which is too out of scale to be of any use.
  8. Wonderful, thank you! Now to plow into the data and make the adjustments. Glad you caught me at this point and not after I had the bird all glued together. HAH!
  9. Wikipedia has some stats too I believe I originally used, so which is correct though, they vary a bit on the numbers. The wing width is different as well.
  10. Using the Techinfo section on a4skyhawk.org. Linkie here. It shows the earlyer birds at 40'1" but says the E/F is 41'3", and TA-4J at 43'7". 40'1" "felt" more correct to my eyes but decided to go by what info I knew at the moment. What was the difference between the TA-4J and TA-4F? Says the F had more pylons, was it more of an operations version? Just curious. Thanks for the heads up, its good to know WHERE the length is added too so as not to pull the rest of the proportions off!
  11. Realigning the shape after my first attempt was incorrectly positioned. The nose will need some extending apparently. The top shape is the A-4F the bottom is the two seat TA-4J trainer. Apparently the trainer shape needs some fiddling and extending as well. I love how the tail end aligns to the shape though. Bends in all the right ways and places!
  12. Wow thanks for posting those links Tailspin, great information and details. It really feeds my imagination! Now I'm not sure I want to update anything cause I want to see where the direction of this post leads next!
  13. Wanted to try my hand at creating a banner or two, see what I could come up with. I'll post them here as I create them. Please copy and paste the banner of your choice to your own photo hosting site. Enjoy!
  14. Thank you for that, it can be difficult to read correctly intended tone with text alone. I don't have the Fujimi or Esci kit with me any more so I'm actually going by memory of a year or two ago when I made some observations. Dangerous I know! Going back to your original comment about the nose gear I too actually noticed the difference in the nose gear between the E and the F, I even made sure to add it on my first build since its rarely added as stock in the kits. At least the black bar, there might be some gizmo on the right side of the gear as well I might be missing. True enough that's t
  15. I'm no expert on the differences, I mainly go by observation and I do believe you that the E and F are the same now that I'm looking again which only reveals my own ignorance and hesitancy to get too bogged down in the details. The main point I meant is the Esci nose doesn't match the profile as well. Thank you for the clarification though its good to get things straight.
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