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  1. Hi guys, Long shot but have been seeking a pair of the 'Eagle head' crew name decals from the desperately hard to find old Lakenheath Afterburner 48005 F-15C/D decal sheet in 1:48, please. Wondered if anyone had used a set of decals but perhaps but not used all the 'Eagle head' crew name boxes. Would ideally like a pair left and right, both the grey parts with the black eagle head outlines. Crew names not required. Thanks very much.
  2. Beautiful work. I love the feeling of space and depth in the beautiful backdrop. Awesome cloud layers. A nice touch too with that reflection beneath the wing. Excellent. :worship:/>
  3. This is one I did last year in oils on canvas (3ft by 2ft) of a Lightning F6 at low level taking the right hand bend in the Ogwen valley, Snowdonia, Wales, UK, back in 1986. Cheers, Bob.
  4. Just another voice to add to the list of people wanting to buy a copy of this book if and when it comes out again. Jake, I was really pleased to see the recent post above saying that you're not ruling this reprint out, which rekindles my hope again. Got a couple of nice F-15Cs sitting here next to the pc just waiting for some good reference photos before building.
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