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    1/48 scale WWII USAAF and USN aircraft<br>Golf
  1. One more to share before I go back to building and watching basketball. This build was done using RVHP's Wildcatfish conversion for the 1/48 scale Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat. Learned a lot about how to work with resin on this one. Instructions didn't jive well with illustrations either. I think it was a case of "lost in translation". Had to manifest some extensions from spare resin parts I had lying around for some of the supports. Thought about a flat coat, but then I realized this thing was rarely used, so I went with satin finish and decided to diplay her as shiny and new for the Admirals... or
  2. Hi everyone. I'm sorta new here, but tend to hang out over in FSM a lot. Thought I'd come over here now to check things out and share a few pics of my recent builds in the process. Here is Emergency Strip a solid nosed B-25J (old 1991 Monogram kit) I finished earlier this year. She'll be weathered a bit more and placed in a maintenance themed diorama at a later date. Starting off with a few in-progress pictures followed by some pics of her in her current state. I used Verlinden's W-C R2600 engine for the port engine. Styrene and tinfoil for the frame around it (frame needs to be weathere
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