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  1. Eraucubsfan, I'll try to clear mine but it shouldn't be full, strange. If dthank passes I'll contact you.
  2. Your private message box is full. I have the Eagle Strike 48115 sheet, I'd like to keep most of this sheet but I would let go of the markings from the LF marked (green trimmed) Panther. You would have to come up with the national insignias PM me if you're interested and what you have to trade.
  3. Hi Guys Thanks to everyone that responded, the "booth bong" that admiralcag sent plans to is what I was looking for. I should be able to make that work. Jim
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for responding, unfortunately I don't have a window in my model room. All of the windows are in finished off areas of my basement so I can't use the window method. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my first post. Jim
  5. Hi Guys I have a question on the topic. I know the whole purpose of the spray both is to vent the fumes outside but I really don't want to cut a vent hole in my house (or should I say my significant other does'nt want me to cut any holes in the house). Do any of you vent the fumes into a sealed box with something like insulation installed to absorb the fumes. I usually paint in my garage in spring, summer and fall but when winter comes I usually don't get much painting done (winter is about 5-6 month's up here). Just wondering if anybody has done this with success or is it an
  6. Hi Guys I'm looking for the Platz 1/72 scale JASDF F-104J/DJ caution data decal sheet. If you have one and would like to sell or trade please PM me. Also looking for other Platz 1/72 JASDF F-104J/DJ sheets with paint schemes. Thanks Jim
  7. Hi Guys I'm building the Monogram 1/48th scale "US Navy F-4J Black Bunny" kit that I got at a swap and need some missing parts. I'm looking for three landing gear covers (part numbers 23, 24 and 25). Part number 23 is the cover that attaches to the landing gear and part numbers 24 and 25 are the small outer covers of both wheel wells. I hope somebody out there has these parts in the black plastic used in the kit as I want to try black basing, and the black plastic will save a step. Please PM me if you can help and we can work something out. I have plenty of things to trad
  8. I tried to order from their website many times but everything I wanted was always sold out. I went to the Columbus Nats in 2011 and they were there so I bought as much as I could afford (F-16 cockpit upgrade sets and F-100 nozzles). If you go to the Nats and find them don't hesitate, buy it while you can as they sold out quickly on the popular items. Very nice stuff!
  9. I have a 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-4D kit with these markings on the decal sheet. If you have a way to print decals I can make a scan or borrow you the sheet and you can either scan it, or have someone who prints decals scan it, then print them for you in 1/48 scale. Jim
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