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  1. PM sent on Two Bobs 48-088 F-16C sheet
  2. I have a 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-4D kit with these markings on the decal sheet. If you have a way to print decals I can make a scan or borrow you the sheet and you can either scan it, or have someone who prints decals scan it, then print them for you in 1/48 scale. Jim
  3. If you're in town this weekend there's "Nordicon 2019" which is a very nice model show and swap meet on Saturday. It's located very close to the airport and is worth the time to check out. Lots of great deals to be had too.
  4. Still a great place, they have a ton of stuff, really a great place for paint too. Just hold onto your wallet, it gets a little sketchy around there after dark. I would suggest going in the day.
  5. E-Mail sent on Uncovering the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter book.
  6. Hi Rip Glad I could help out, looking forward to seeing the finished model when you're done. It looks like it's pretty weathered too which would be really cool if you can pull it off. PM also sent.
  7. Hi Rip Go to http://www.dacoproducts.com/ and check out the Astra T/F-104G decal sheet, it's fantastic with some great instructions. They have the F-104 sheet plus separate stencil sheets, a little pricey but you won't be disappointed. If you have to have the Victory Production sheet Dann is selling one on page 4 of Buy and Sell "victory productions 48003 F-104 Luftwaffe $50" Hope that helps!
  8. Everything went well, a great guy to deal with. Jim
  9. Bump, just thought I'd try one more time Thanks Jim
  10. Hi Guys I'm looking for an AirDoc Luftwaffe F-84F Thunderstreak 48008 decal sheet. If any has one they would like to sell or trade please PM me. I have plenty of decals for trade if you need something. I can pay with paypal or money order. Thanks Jim
  11. I was at the Columbus Nats a few years back and bought as much Sierra Hotel products as I could afford (F-16 cockpits and F-100 nozzles). Very nice stuff and both guys (Curt and Mike) were great to deal with. I've never ordered from their website so I can't comment on that.
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