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  1. Awfully quiet in this thread right now...
  2. Looks like the horizontal stabilizer is in a fixed neutral position . I could be wrong...
  3. Hey Raymond, Quick question if you don't mind, how was the Kinetic F/A-18 Hornet developed? Curious to know, thanks! Sorry for the thread being hijacked.
  4. Anyone seen the latest AMK post on FB?
  5. So when is the release date? Rumor is April 10th, 2018. That is 19 days away from an AMK F-14D to materialized, right...
  6. Nice, these wings will look good on the Tamiya F-14....
  7. They might not answer any time soon since the Chinese manufacturers shutdown for a week for the New Year. Also I could be wrong. Curious to see how they tackle the canopy separated from the framing.
  8. https://www.videoman.gr/en/121702 When you think it was safe...
  9. I hope Tamiya will show the upper and forward sections.
  10. Wow, I can't wait for this kit. Credit card all paid off and now waiting to pre-order! Looking to see how to clear out my stash of Hasegawa and HobbyBoss kits to make room for this beauty.
  11. Less than 24 hours until the doors open for trade day.
  12. Thanks Dave for your observations! I hope we live long enough for a Tamiya in 1/48th or 32nd.
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