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  1. Da SWO, Thanks for that image ! It does help because it shows that the MK-118 is on the inboard pylon . Not only that , I had some time to go though some more of my reference material any find charts and another photo of a F-105 in flight with this configuration . Thank again and sorry for the delay in responding to your reply . Wallnut
  2. Gentlemen, Just finishing up a F-105 D in the Memphis Bell II markings and would like to hang two MK-118 as seen in the small picture from the book " Roll Call : THUD " on page 55 . Unfortunately I can not determine exactly which pylon to place them on , to me it looks like the outboard might be the one . If anyone has any definitive answer or photos of any F-105 D with Mk-118 slung beneath a Thud could please post them ? Thank You ! Wally Wallnut
  3. Alex, That is one GREAT picture you have posted ! It looks as though it was taken only a few years ago . Thank you so much for your contribution ! Would be nice to see more pictures like this one of other aircraft . I'm sure they are out there in old photo albums in many attics through the the world , along with all the photos in the National Archives . Thanks again Wally Wallnut
  4. Sean, Thank you so much for clearing that up ! It makes sense that 6531 would have been downgraded after the crash landing of 24 Apr 43 . I did find a picture of 41-6530 P-47C 41-6530 VM-A of 551st Fighter Training Squadron as was stated in the first post . I have try to upload the image but it will not let me since the image is 118.5 KiB . Thanks again , you sure are on top of your reference material !!! Wally Wallnut
  5. Sean, Thank you for all that information ! In other words , Aero Master has either misprinted the information of 41-6530 being from the 486th FS , 352nd FG 8th AF based at Bodney ! Or at one time was 41-6530 was with 486th and then transferred to another Group ? The markings shown for P-47C-RE as ( PZ - K ) from the 352nd FG ? I guess I'm really confused now or somebody screwed up at Aero Master !!! Thanks again ! Wallynut
  6. Gentlemen, In the process of building a P-47 C 5-RE I have decided to use Aero Master Thunderbolts Galore VI . The markings that I would like to use is “The Syracusan” , after some research there is a question about the serial number . The decal sheet has 16530 (41-6530 ) as the number , while finding an illustration which shows 26530 (42-6530) . After several hours of research no photos available of either aircraft to confirm the serial number and name . Even searched the data base of Little Friends Database . Thank you for any information Wally Wallnut
  7. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your input . Wally Wallnut
  8. Gentlemen, I was referring to Modelcollect B-52H U.S. Stratofortress strategic kit SKU: UA72200 . According to Modelcollect site it is out of stock . I realize that the USAF B-52G Stratofortress strategic Bomber kit SKU: UA72202 is not yet available . At this time Modelcollect site is taking pre-orders for the B-52G . My inquire was about Modelcollect B-52H . I hope this clears up my lack of being specific about which B-52 I am questioning . Thank You ! Wally Wallnut
  9. Gentleman, First of all, " Happy Farther's Day " to all of the Dad"s out there ! Has anyone read a review of Modelcollect B-52 ? Has anyone purchased a Modelcollect B-52 and built it ? I would like more information about this kit before I purchase it ! Thanks for any information about this kit ! Wally Wallnut
  10. White Wolf, Thank you for your replay . My real question is how do I pay for my purchase ? Do I need to create a Pay Pal account or do I access their Pay Pal account ? This is where I get confused . I can not seem to find their Pay Pal site . Thank You Wally Wallnut
  11. Gentlemen, Has anyone ordered Lifelike Decals directly from their site ? I would like to purchase several decals sheets that are always sold out on other online sites . If you have ordered from Lifelike site directly I would like to know how to place an order at the Lifelike site . Any information will be appreciated ! Thank You ! Wally Wallnut
  12. Gentlemen, Over the weekend I did some research on VMFA - 542. Finding their Cruse Book from 1966 - 1967 I enjoyed the comments and photographs of the Unit. One thing that I notice was, some flight crews had dark painted helmets! Since all photos are in black and white there was no distinction of what the dark color could be. My guess would be, olive drab, olive green, khaki green or even black. Any information would be most appreciated. Wally Wallnut
  13. Pete Thanks for your help and link to the article. And your right, it would be nice to see a tutorial of his process ! Its always nice to see and learn some new techniques, especially form Peter Doll because of his excellent results. Wally Wallnut
  14. Gentlemen, I have read several Peter Dolls 1/32 NMF builds and in every article he mentions that he has described his method of applying aluminium foil in previous articles on ARC. I have spent the better part of my day looking for these with no luck! Could someone point me in the right direction to find theses articles on how he accomplished NMF with his method? Thanks everyone! Wallnut
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