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  1. man I love the way this building is going, I guess everybody here had the picture at least in the mind of a hog in Israeli markings but you are going way beyond our dreams.
  2. I hope its not only one Fulcrum comming out with that painting but all of them, as I recall many of them were beggin for being re painted. I must be honest I hate gar cammos but when it´s something like this I completely turn into love specyaly in a MiG. Hope you like it
  3. mmm I think I´ve seen some of that gruond equipment in www.aviapress.com
  4. Muy bonito felicidades a la aviacion argentina por sus 100 años. Saludos!!
  5. I had kind of the same question but about the marines adversary Vipers, I hope this help: Kliko!
  6. Thanx for sharing zmey, now when are they gonna get the SMT´s? anyone knows?
  7. WoOoOoOW and I heard that the Tu-22 was kinda tricky to fly, now I now that a good pilot can overcome any thing. Thanx for sharin!
  8. I specially liked the pic of the HTS 214ST, nice light effect. pretty arty
  9. now for what I understand is: 1.- F-16N is a F-16C block 30 with small intake and GE F110 engine 2.- the N has a tipe C gun muzzle cover 3.- It doesn´t have the same LG legs, wheels and doors than a block 40 or 50 Viper 4.- it uses AMA chin pods (wich I think I can do some scratch) Now I´m thinking about the Hasegawa F-16C, now, is there any difference in the cockpit ? can someone share a pic? I really apreciate you are helping me guys. :D thanks again
  10. I have the two bobs sheet F-16N old school edversarys in 1/48 and Im seriously thinking on building the F-16N 163269 (the one with splinter cammo) but not in 1/48 but in 32 instead. now my question is: Wich kit can I use? Academy or Tamiya? I understand that the Tamiya viper is a block 50 wich makes me think that is not quite the same as a F-16N. so, do I need to down grade it? please help me cos I´m really confused. Thanx in advance :blink:
  11. well they must know something we don´t cos they include decals for a chinese Su-34 :blink: ok I ´m really desperate to build a 34 no matter how much filler or chop-chop needs it, were can I find it? who sells it? (siucidal)
  12. this is gonna be a long shot but I´m looking for some pics of the U-2R in aluminum I know, its pretty rare (I have only 2 pics and are of the prototype) but I though that maybe some of you guys could help me out whit this proyect. Also if someone can help me to find a 3 view drawing (or just profile view) od the TR-1B also known as TU-2S that would be great. And finally can some one point me out where to find a walk around of the NASA´s ER-2? thanx in advance
  13. ;) ok ok I saw that this is old news, this is what happens when you dedicate time to your job and dont stay current in ARC forums. ;)
  14. I know that I can expect a price of $100+ but what the heck! here´s something that you would like to see. ;) ;) what ya think? 2008 or end of this year?
  15. Ok heres what I have in my photo file: Enjoy!
  16. oh well... I ask the same (kinda reaction-adiction to the cheyenne) and I guess you could same some money to fly it, it´s like $1200 dlls per hour.
  17. Guys your pics got me drolling!! I really like the 2 seaters my question is: is there any F/A-18B/D agressor out there? one with the usual cool cammo, theres an Academy Hornet waiting for a nice painting. thanx in advance.
  18. I´m specially linked to this plane... man I love it! fast and sexy almos everybody want to look at it closer when parked on the ramp. My brother used to fly a IIIA and I had the chance to fly with him like 6 times and of course get the feeling to fly such a magnificent machine, maybe you know this cheyenne it´s based in the ADN (well now was sold to some guy in Cancun) XA-VIP. Parked in VER Aproaching to ADN airport not long ago. I miss her!
  19. I would LOVE to see a B-52 pass.... trowing the full load of Mk-82
  20. thanx for the links DRHORNII. I found some interesting facts from that info for example: Wikipedia: theres a balance on that, now if only could sukhoi work on the "after sales and maintenance" services... I think we are going to see a bussines jet version of this beauty in the future.
  21. I really liked the vodeo, theres nothing better for an a/c vid than the pure noise (music for me) of the engines instead of (some times) korny music. I find some how interesting that the 29K needs more deck to TO than the Su-33 even when the 33 its bigger and heavier than the 29K, funny huh? :blink:
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