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  1. Awesome collection Ken I wish I could build like you but in 1/48 of course :D
  2. I´m booking my self with the shrinker right now
  3. Grats shots, I specialy liked the pics of the Su-27SM and the radar details shots of the Su-24, can´t wait to have the Trumpeter "suitcase" in my hands. Thanx for sharing
  4. Exelent pic as usual man. :D keep em coming
  5. Don`t think so. anyway I`m Goda dust off my Lindberg "wanna be" MiG-31 1/48, anyone knows how to turn it into a close "lookalike" Foxhound? Any delcas will be apreciated.
  6. Now thats the solution for my country airforce just guive the pilot a .45 and that`s it!! you can`t make air suport more personal than that man! Amazing this is amazing, out of this world am speech less... I mean... pppfff :( thanx for sharing!
  7. Thanx I just had the chance to check right from the box the new Hobby Boss Rafale and let me tell you: WOW! "looks" like a copy of the RoG one but it has more detail, extra rivets and leading edges and flaps and alerons separated so you can put them down, thats great since the Rafale M when standing on the deck has the aleron/flaps surfaces a lil bit dowm.
  8. Now that would be great, to see some MiG-29KUB next to a Su-33 in his enviroment you know? can`t wait to see the pics. Thanx for the heads up Zmey!
  9. I don`t have any close up pic of the triple rack, however I have this, I hope it helps:
  10. Anyone knows the reasond why the RK aren`t using the Su-35 yet? and when they are going to use it?
  11. now whos gonna make them in 1/48? huh? any takers? Cos I`ll buit if anyone does. :(
  12. Great shots!! I think I have to make a schedule of pics to use as wall papers
  13. :blink: All you guys made my day! I just don`t know with picture I should use as wallpaper. Keep posting your shots getz!
  14. Nope I dont like it....I LOVE IT!! great shots could you post some more pics?
  15. Thats a very good point sebastijan, I going to do the same with my next MiG-29. now... where are the russian girls hu? :)
  16. Ken I knew you couldn`t resist do build a Flanker, and honestly neither do I but I would like to build one in 132 (I know that would be suicide) but any way I`ll watch your Sukhoi as a tutorial for my next proyects and as an inspiration too. Keep the pics comming!
  17. going a lil bit out of topic..... dude she`s HOT! ;)
  18. The best video I`ve ever seen about the Fulcrum, there are several of them like C, SMT, A, UB and the best of all: you can hear the engines and the radio com! My rate: 5 botles of vodka!
  19. congrats for those incredible shots, the one of you in the F-5F now it`s my wall paper.
  20. Great pictures thanx for sharing, I have a question: both F-5 and B-52 were involved in some kind of military exercise? I`ll understand ifthe answer is: "not for your ears" anyway great shots!! now I gonna bring my camera ALL the time cos you never know.
  21. Compadre you are the Speedy Gozalez of modeling... boy you build fast!!
  22. ok now look at the last pic there`s another bump under the nose just behind the radome to me it looks like a forward looking infra red system like the one of the Tornado. Does some one have any info about the avionics of this beauty? Ken... there`s a new build like a Su-30MKM conversion in 1 /72 comming?
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