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  1. Nope the flanker already has a system like that it`s just that the antenaes doesn`t look like "bird slicers", this is the first time that I see those 3 antenaes on a Flanker, and yes I like them very much! Now, If we could only get a pic of the cockpit now that would be fantastic, it`s only me or I think that the Flanker is getting meaner every day?
  2. geez what a beast! thanx for the heads Zmey.
  3. I really don´t "read" that much of Russian Lenguage but one thing is sure: this pics rocks! KliKo! Hope you enjoy
  4. Great find Efrahin!! I must insist that we need some decals for this beauty. :lol:
  5. honestly I have no words, just watch this: Linko 1 Linko 2 Enjoy.
  6. Sound like great news! BTW anyone knows if there´s a Twin Otter in 1/48 scale?
  7. I secon all the guys here who think that the scheme of the Su-25UBK rocks!, sadly there´s no Su-25UB in 1/48 I hope trumpeter hear our prayers. Eduardo, it is possible for you to share more pics?
  8. Sr. thanx to YOU we have the chance to paint nice schemes over our Su´s MiGs and more.
  9. Compadre... what can I say? estoy celoso!! BTW can we have some more pics of that reeeeeaaaaalllllyyy nice Su-25UB? now, that would rock my day. When you come to MExico I`ll buy Coronas ok? (20 Coronas for 12 dlls that`s cheap) :o
  10. This are from the Fencecheck forum not my pics: Hope you like it <_<
  11. Mr. Americo Maia... could you PLEEEEEASE? <_< :wub:
  12. PERFECTO! Now, who sells Begemot decals in USA or Canada? :)
  13. after a long wait here it is: China aviation museum AND a nice gallery here: Clicky! thanx to www.foxbat.ru :lol:
  14. great shots all of them have been saved in my HD :) congrats!!
  15. Great pics man thanx for sharing, keep posting things like this please.
  16. eeeemmm :blink: sorry this post should be in Real aviation forum :D can some one move it there?
  17. just wanted to share this, courtesy of Airforce.ru
  18. Don´t know whats the best for your AF, but I would love to see the Gripen N or DK in action.
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