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  1. oh, I'm glad you mention that friend! the JetRanger's are near for quick pic. huey pics soon
  2. Can you fly this plane and land it?
  3. 🙂 yes suggest away my good man! yes, I started dreml with composite cutting disk with the expected burl/heat build up. Just got in the cutting blades pictured and they're much nicer on cuts shown on right side of pic. what is this razor knife of which you speak!? please show picture. Markings? not sure, I might pick out some loach from the Gunslingers/Lou Drendel book, or one of my Scout pilot biography books on the book shelf. I really liked the name Electric Olive. thanks for posting!
  4. quality paint. I'm having to add water or thinner in some cases; but these paints are over 15 years old!
  5. my model building started cross legged on the carpet in front of dad's heathkit floor TV. war movies, startrek and baa baa blacksheep plus toluene vapors made me the man I am today. chaos:
  6. thanks! I ordered the Trumpeter/small bender. and an exacto kit and some PE snips. got some dremmel cutting blade disks too! those Loach doors aren't gonna remove themselves! (old Revell 0h-6a kits)
  7. very admirable. Haaaaa! you wanna get a laugh? lemme post a pic of mine, heheh.
  8. one of my very first models was a huskie. My dad took me in to his old hobby shop where the owner was very old. We picked out the yellow box Testors Huskie. 1/48? The rotor blades were not in the shrink wrapped box! we had to return it. 30 years later I have a new huskie (with rotor blades) on deck to build "soon". thanks for posting pics!
  9. thanks! phew, my back is sore. yes there's glue everywhere. more judicious application will follow Had to go the bathroom to get the toe nail side cutters for removing parts from metal sprue. thought I'd lost a part; looked everywhere then found I'd doubled it on same pitch rod. there's no way I could do this without my new magifying glass/lamp. holy moly. 48 years old eyes are 48.
  10. please give me your sage advice in playing with eduard detail kits. cutting, glueing, paint... I'm a noobie and doing my first model with the metal cut. Maybe you have a top three or so? a warning? lemme have it please. it begins!! the thrill of the build!
  11. learned a little late not to deal with these clowns. re-ordered Eduard ch-46e detail kit from Mark Twain vendor since I've been waiting for three weeks for 1001. LOL!!! I get home today and my 1001 purchase is in the mail. Now I have to buy another ch-46e I guess.
  12. I just watched the last one. I'm happy with the series. I'm glad they did better towards the end. I had darth vader underoos as a kid. 1979, my first bass
  13. I sure loved to fly the Hellkitty in Microsoft Combat FLight Simulator II. I wouldn't turn down a 1/32 scale...so I'd be interested. george
  14. 10-30$ online I see.... https://www.amazon.com/Magnifier-Light-Mounting-Bracket-Clamp/dp/B0061QAW14/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=base+clamp+for+lamp&qid=1589311901&sr=8-1 I like my lamp! has glass dust flip cover, variable brightness
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