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  1. quick question on my winter paint booth.... it can get down to 38 degrees in my garage. are there different temp ranges for different paints? something acceptable to extreme cold? Or am I gonna have to spray and pray? warmed paint/ tools : spray in cold garage; bring back inside to 70 degree temps ? OR! tell the wife it can't be done...the fumes will go away soon.? 50 degrees min>? https://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/minimum-temperature-for-airbrushing.6927/
  2. thanks muchly. winter is near. earnest modelling time is upon us.
  3. I can remember an aircraft carrier I was building as a kid which suffered greatly from the hands of Poseidon and ZEUS and I. The deck kept popping up from the hull, the testors cement was thick in the air and rage quitting became a thing in 1983....
  4. Can you guys think of one or two build thread examples here or elsewhere that exemplifies and portrays the key steps to completing a build? can you post a link to it for me to incorporate steps into my next build? a thread that pictures steps? here's what comes to mind for me right now: open kit and gaze upon its beauty and marvel at the details / feeling good inside research and gather pics for reference of desired/chosen build wash kit to clean release mold agents paint items on sprue (aghhh! there's now an airbrush in play, there'
  5. I love it, the instrument panel glass looks spectacular. wheels, rocket launcher, canopy...all top notch. The bare metal finish is an eye catcher. I googled threating Aluminum; I should like to know more.
  6. my thoughts during the day keep coming back to this engine of yours; I came back to look again.
  7. Speeeaak. I've ordered the movie, two stampes in 1/72, 2 S.e.5a's and 9-13mm german outline font decal sheets.
  8. thanks for every detail! I'm leaning in to this thread I don't recall what age I was when I imagined having a shrink ray gun to downsize real airplanes to 1/32 and 1/48 but this is most likely what it looks like I submit.
  9. Anyone have a link for empty paint bottles? Say I had 15 model master Olive Drabs... I was thinking of consolidating them into one container. bad Idea? I would want a quality (good lid) set I think.... found this from overseas https://www.ebay.com/itm/Model-Paint-Mixing-Bottle-Painting-Storage-Bottles-with-Mixing-Steel-Ball-Hobby-/292520875239
  10. one of all time favorites would build a "jenny" from the movie; the one that survived the longest i guess 🙂
  11. yes, acting like they do, be like it is. BS. The Flag and SSB have a right way and a BS way to act during. Like farting in church, spitting on a LEO, raping the horses, etc...
  12. cool! I ran my compressor for the first time today after getting the air lines configured with right connections. Set up my Master spray booth near the window.... I need to get some thinners,cleaners, future...I will be ready! I can't wait to shoot flat black , silver and interior green soon (at the full sprues)
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