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  1. I looked online for another image but could not find one
  2. what a great response! I'm pretty stoked I've been able to fill a few gaps in my stash already....like 6 models!...in one day!
  3. I'm looking forward to a Magnum PI Island Hopper build in my future..... have you done one yet? that bird you posted looks sunburnt...oxidized paint I'm interested too in hi-vis color Orange... I need to get some for trumpeter coast guard dolphin helo. good luck on your decision!
  4. Hey Team! I'm interested in whatever you may want to part with. If you were thinking of thinning just let me know what and how much! I'm in Arizona so conus makes best for shipping... thanks!
  5. wait whut!? where'd he go!?? where'd who gooooo????
  6. I will request a sarcophagus made of burnt model plastic
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