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  1. continued amazed observational interest
  2. hi Chief! I'm right there with ya! the curve is steep and daunting...but I have miles to go before I sleep 🙂 nice helos
  3. I've been hunting for Chalks airlines decals. Anyone seen them or a .jpg picture I could try to make my own with a printer and decal paper? thanks
  4. the Miami Vice and other revel Scarab boats are cray-cray priced too. ...and 5.56
  5. when does your skill level increase and when/if do you experience fall off when drinking that Makers Mark decal set solution? I mean, that's what I tell my wife it is... great looking 1/48 ! what is that surface mat you have there? it looks huge/expensive...
  6. quick question on my winter paint booth.... it can get down to 38 degrees in my garage. are there different temp ranges for different paints? something acceptable to extreme cold? Or am I gonna have to spray and pray? warmed paint/ tools : spray in cold garage; bring back inside to 70 degree temps ? OR! tell the wife it can't be done...the fumes will go away soon.? 50 degrees min>? https://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/minimum-temperature-for-airbrushing.6927/
  7. thanks muchly. winter is near. earnest modelling time is upon us.
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