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Stash of unbuiltness:

1/32 1/24 1/35 Helos



OH-6 Loach Italeri 382

UH-60L Black Hawk Mrc/Academy 2192

OH-58D Black Death MRC 2195

Mil Mi 8mt/Mi-17 trumpeter 05102

AH-60L DAP Academy/MRC 12115

Westland Wessex HU.5 Fly 32011

Kitty Hawk AH-6J/MH6J KH50003

Trumpetter AS565 Panther 05108

2x Revell Westland Lynx Has.3 04837


McDonnel XV-1 Glencoe 05201

Huskie testors no7206



alouette II klu revell 04449-0389 +eduard 32043

eurocopter ec-135 adac revell 04425-0389

Bo-105 Hornisse revell 04453-0389

Bell h-13h revell 4334

Bo-105 testors no 875

Super Frelon sa321 ref1040

Ah-64 revell 4575

MBB BK-117 M revell 4486-0389

Sikorsky uh-60l blackhawk mrc academy kit 200413

SA330 Puma BGS revell 04412-0389

Mil mi 4a Hound A trumpeter 05101

Sikorsky MH-60G pavehawk MRC academy 200414

MD 530G mms gunship Dragon 3526

2x Oh-6a cayuse dragon 3310

Oh-6a cayuse Idea

Hughes 500d private use HobbyCraft

Oh-6a cayuse revell h-146-380

Hughes 500md TOW Hobby Craft

MD500e LASD Dragon 6504

oh-58d kiowa thugs MRC BA103

oh-58d warrior thugs MRC ba108

Bell JetRanger IMC

Bell jet ranger hawk/IMC 402

Bell jet ranger testors 403


2x AH-1G hueycobra Revell H-287

AH-1T gold cobra MRC Acad 2198 fa195

AH-1T+ supercobra gold cobra MRC ba105

AH-1W Supercobra Academy MRC 2193 fa190

Ah-1g bell cobra revell 04495

Ah-1g bell cobra monogram 85-4677


Bell Huey attack helo Revell H-259

UH-1C huey frog MRC Acad 2196 fa193

UH-1D wasp Panda 35006

Uh-1n twin huey panda 35008

3x UH-1c huey heavy Hog MRC Acad 2199 fa196

Helicopter Patrol oh-6 uh-1d revell 4454-0389

Bell uh-1h gunship revell 4421

Police helicopter revell h-274-3800

2x Bell uh-1d attack copter h-259

Uh-1c huey frog mrc ba106


Monogram Rambo Combat Chopper 6038


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