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  1. Scooby, Right on I agree lets get F-35A into the RCAF as soon as possible. Anyone with half a brain knows it's the right choice for especially our small air force.
  2. Jeez will my damned govt. just buy the F-35A and be freaking done with it... It's the best choice, it's the right choice... All this damned drama UGH!
  3. RIP Mr. Petty, you may be gone but you will not be forgotten.
  4. Here is the list of NFL sponsors. Obviously it's almost impossible for a consumer to NOT buy from all of them or all of the time, but knowing them may help one who finds this NFL take a knee crap, disrespecting the flag, anthem and ultimately as such the nation a problem can voice protest to any and each or temper when and where one may spend their hard earned incomes on. Gatorade (PepsiCo) Isotonic beverage '83 Visa Payment systems services '95 Campbellā€™s Soup Soup
  5. The fan uproar over this NFL take a knee B.S. is not stopping... Will it endure long term? Will the NFL suffer its fan base backlash? We shall see. I hope it does see massive financial backlash. Fans want NO PART of social/political commentary in the NFL, or in pro sports in general.. JUST STFU AND PLAY THE GAME! This said as ONE man, one lowly consumer of products and services in life, I have with 100% personal conviction and IT WILL BE UNWAVERING AS GOD IS MY WITNESS!! will stop watching NFL games on t.v., will never accept tickets to any NFL games and do all I can to NOT buy
  6. Good One TT. Hi-lites NFL's hypocrisy quite well.
  7. Well many have heard or read of the notable saying of a certain political/ideological persuasion. "Useful stooges."
  8. To people here, if you are employed and you brought up a controversial political and/or social commentary to your work place and as such maybe turned your employer off from you and your words, how long would you feel you'd stay employed at said workplace? President Trump imparted his free speech opinion towards what he saw as athletes using their privilege and employers facilities of being in front of tens of thousands of people and millions of people watching on t.v. to spout some political/social commentary, all by such actions showing disrespect to the Flag, the Anthem and ult
  9. Many are crying, it's about players freedom of speech... Um yes and no. Yes, these overpaid premadonnas who for most have nothing in common with fans who pay to watch them are expressing free speech. But with free speech can come other people's thoughts and speech including condemnation of such subversive speech to the ideals of many Americans. This includes President Trump's freedom of speech which he made clear is his opinion and not that of the W.H. , POTUS or government. But also 1st. Amendment rights do not cover free speech everywhere. It only protects free speech if sa
  10. In recent years I have begun to curtail watching NFL games even though I have been a life long Sea Hawks fan but the games are getting quite boring, way too many and ill-opportune timed commercial breaks and way too politicized and P.C. speech/action driven. The Kaperdick situation of what near 2 years ago now basically added up to me switching almost completely off the NFL. That said almost all the pro sports I watch have seen me detuned to much of it. NHL hockey is no longer MUST SEE t.v. every night it's on. Formula One another longtime staple to me is also a less exciting an
  11. Regarding the NFL/Anthem, flag issue. I hear from many this is a US 1st. Amendment issue in the players 'taking the knee' during the US anthem before games, but let me start by saying the 1st. Amendment protects free speech, expression, association and religion, BUT! not everywhere. Since this is NFL specific but not exclusive, the NFL and its owners CENSOR speech and expression ALL THE TIME! Aka: 1: The NFL forbids players from undo celebration for when a touchdown is scored. Players doing such will result in their team receiving a penalty. 2: T
  12. TT, Does not surprise me at all at the deal as it is written... Like the old Red Rose Tea commercials that played in Canada. " Red Rose Tea, Only in Canada you say...Pity." Only in Canada...only in Canada... yep a real pity.
  13. It seems sad, but unfortunately there are only so many places able to, say float these carries as museums. They are more valuable to cut up and reprocess materials than to keep floating unused with costs to keep such as say some museums. Port space costs money, these super carriers are only limited to where they can be floated as museums... Sad yes, but life is like that. Their memories will live on by all who served on these ships, constructed them and to all who appreciate the service of these ship as US citizens and as fans around the world of military history. IE: A ne
  14. Three F-35A were at the Abbotsford Airshow this year, two on the flight line and a Dutch F-35A on static. Had a good discussion first with one of the Dutch techs and the tech said how they love the F-35. As good as F-16 has been for the Dutch the tech basically says F-35A is in another world. The scuttle but was that The Dutch may double their order of what 35 to maybe 65. I then talked to one of the USAF techs and then with one of the USAF Pilots, sorry I forgot his name, he flew Mudhens prior to transitioning to F-35A. He has no regrets, the F-35A is just in another place e
  15. Yes, my understanding is that AMRAAM's and PHOENIX are/were also fire and forget as they track their targets. AIM-7's needed the firing aircraft hold a radar lock. As to evasive maneuvering once the aircraft being tracked knows a missile is heading towards it, how much time for one do they have to try to it evade and I assume these missiles have proximity fuses, how close do they get before exploding? As to AIM-9's the aircraft locked on to by one, does the pilot/crew know that an Aim-9 has it in lock (I assume not except he/they may be worried about the attacking aircraf
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