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  1. Whoa, great info. Thank you very much. Beside this, I can have Mr Mark softer and setter, but I have read that the decal softer is diluted vinegar (or acetic acid) that can be much more cheaper. Any info on this?
  2. Thank you for the decals explanation; great to know (30 years ago was a very different situation, no aftermarket, no microsol, no internet ) Anyway, I didn't see so many 3 tones but most of them are sea blue. I will do with it. Finally, with nice weathering, the sea blue isn't bad at all. As I never build planes, I don't have any gloss paint, just only flat but I have the tamiya clear gloss, the other are the XF series (flat). So I think the X22 clear will be ok to spray after the sea blue coat? Personally, I don't like gloss paint, so I never used them. If I spray the clear coat then I
  3. Hello, I'm new here (I didn't find a place for presentation). I'm French but leave in Thailand for nearly 30 years now. I'm coming back to scale models (I was playing this when I was in France). Anyway, I'm starting with a tank (char 2C from Meng). At that moment, everything is great. But next I would like to build aircraft. I ordered the Yak-1B from Eduard (limited edition) and the Vought F4U-1D Corsair w/ Moto-Tug (tamiya). I also ordered a few resin and etched parts for the corsair. I'm not really affraid about it. My only concern regard the etched parts (I never worked with that before
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