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  1. My ideal job isn't on the list (7 day a week man of leisure/kept man/layabout)so it's hard to comment, but my partner is a Vet and doesn't link up with my current job (IT) or any of my former jobs.
  2. I've been a PC gamer since Christ decided that short pants suited his style, my preference has always been combat sims, from Falcon (before X.X was invented) to X-Plane. I was so into combat flight sims that I accepted a 3 month posting to the U.S. in the hope of getting a copy of Spectrum Holobytes A-10.... These days, I reserve my PC gaming time for WoT and X-Plane (in a virtual airline) and prefer to play sillier games on my mobile telephonic devices:)
  3. I'm hoping that the non metallic Alclad paints will be cheaper than those currently in the range. It may be a forlorn hope, but I still hope it;s true:)
  4. The big mystery is - how long will it take for someone to spot the shape error when trumpigawa eventually come out with a kit?
  5. I was just reading this little piece News.com.au stealth bomber article and noticed that the USAF have said that the aircraft will be "pilot optional". If this is the same as clothing optional beaches, looks like it will be pilotless:)
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