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  1. Wow, didn't know that, haven't dealt with them in a long time.
  2. Internet Hobbies has it in stock, with a Tamiya discount code applied automatically for 10% off. $67.55 shipped in the US
  3. I think there are 1 or 2 resin bombs out there, pretty sure Verlinden did a set. Not sure of their accuracy though. Verlinden
  4. I was also hoping that Brengun would re-release the Attack Squadron ones.
  5. Just waiting for Eduard to come out with them, they've done everything else it seems.
  6. I think originally the total was $77ish, the weapon set is free so I just had to pay for the additional weight. Basically $85 for the kit and weapons set shipped. Not bad in my book.
  7. Just got this email from HobbyEasy!!! Dear Sir, Thank you for your order on the AMK 88007 F-14D. This kit will arrive within a couple of day. Your pre-order will receive an US ORDNANCE weapon set as bonus. The F-14D is a very large kit weight 1.4kg and the bonus weapon set weight another 700g. The postage for the F-14D and the US ORDNANCE weapon set by registered Airmail is HKD237. Please have your approval to process the payment for the kit HKD428 plus the postage HKD237 accordingly. Regards, Daniel Hobbyeasy
  8. Why not. 1/32 F/A-18E/F Tamiya or Academy, might as well throw in the Growler to boot 1/48 F-16AM Tamiya 1/48 F-7F--3N Tamiya or Hasegawa 1/48 SU-25 Great Wall 1/48 F-14B Tamiya or Great Wall or AMK(lol, j/k)
  9. I emailed Hobbyeasy to ask if I pre-ordered it is the weapon set still included. They said yes but it would not be for much longer. "Hi, yes, please. But we will stop offer bonus set very soon. regards, daniel" I like the looks of the weapons set and I figured what the hell. I really like they way AMK does the cockpit and even though this has been going on forever I like supporting new companies. I didn't need another PZIV or Leopard II but I picked up the Border kits, I'll do the same for AMK.
  10. I'm really interested in the weapons set, they look nice.
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