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  1. Sweet!! Hard to believe I pre-ordered these last February! frack Covid!
  2. Just want to say Raymond has straightened the whole thing out for me!!! Figures, it was a Tiger tank holding the whole thing up.
  3. I wish they would have told me that when I inquired about it 2 weeks ago. I have since asked for a refund.
  4. They've yet to ship my order placed on Feb 3rd. The new Meng Super Hornet, the new Border Tiger I and their own Gr1/3. Getting a little ticked off, they gave me some excuse about New Years, yet my friend ordered on the 5th and they already shipped his out 2 weeks ago. FULL RELEASE TO PACKING FLOOR GZ for over 2 weeks now.
  5. Wow, didn't know that, haven't dealt with them in a long time.
  6. Internet Hobbies has it in stock, with a Tamiya discount code applied automatically for 10% off. $67.55 shipped in the US
  7. I think there are 1 or 2 resin bombs out there, pretty sure Verlinden did a set. Not sure of their accuracy though. Verlinden
  8. I was also hoping that Brengun would re-release the Attack Squadron ones.
  9. Just waiting for Eduard to come out with them, they've done everything else it seems.
  10. I think originally the total was $77ish, the weapon set is free so I just had to pay for the additional weight. Basically $85 for the kit and weapons set shipped. Not bad in my book.
  11. Just got this email from HobbyEasy!!! Dear Sir, Thank you for your order on the AMK 88007 F-14D. This kit will arrive within a couple of day. Your pre-order will receive an US ORDNANCE weapon set as bonus. The F-14D is a very large kit weight 1.4kg and the bonus weapon set weight another 700g. The postage for the F-14D and the US ORDNANCE weapon set by registered Airmail is HKD237. Please have your approval to process the payment for the kit HKD428 plus the postage HKD237 accordingly. Regards, Daniel Hobbyeasy
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