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  1. See you wehn the kit is out. πŸ€• πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
  2. Hence the 'in the main'. Yes, you are correct and I have but I will not fuel attacks on each other nor will I endorse such actions or add fuel to fire.
  3. Thanks Manuel ******** Love you bro xx πŸ˜›
  4. Guys, I really dislike some of the comments being made to each other, considering that we are supposed to be on the team that supports each other. Much like an extended family should. The outside world looks upon us as 'geeks' or 'nerds' anyway. Do we really have to stoop this low that we are attacking each other? As this picture is already out on the internet I felt as though I would share it with you, if nothing else but to try to quell the flames a little here. Look, AMK like any company only answers to itself in the main, but in the interest of settling things down I felt as though this picture would save some aggravation. I said that I would not post again until the kit was out. Why? Because there seemed little point in me answering just for other speculation about what we are or not doing. In respect of the weapons sets. My very good friend (requested not to be named at this stage but you all know him well) measured and gave us all the information to produce the weapons. His hard work and dedication to his own interests in US weaponry through the years has given us the most accurate set to date in plastic or resin. The AIM-7's come with two noses so you can choose the pointy one or blunt one. The GBU-12 and 16 have opened fins but also come with closed fins - it's your choice. AMK is all about giving you options and not dictating what you can or will build. The AIM-9s have the umbilical as a separate piece so you can attatch to a pylon realistically. This is an engineering marvel but if you don't like it that's fine. You pays your money and takes your choice. This picture shows the fixed issues referred to ad nauseum in this thread. If there are more problems then we will fix them. The delay is down to trying to get this right after all. ** I cannot post the picture for some reason - can someone help me out if I send it?
  5. None of those pictures are from Telford! Usual old mold photos. I showed a few people at Telford the pictures of the latest version. Perhaps they will post their thoughts? The plastic I showed was on the Alclad II stand with Mick Burr and Mark Davey et al.
  6. Predictable as always Galfa. Thanks for the input. Your agends knows no bounds. Thanks for coming. Not marketing reasons but for information. But that's all from me now. I won't bother. If I can get hold of the plastic for Telford in time then I will show those that want to see.
  7. Thanks Dylan. I'm off to gloss varnish my F-16C. Cheers.
  8. For some reason I can't post pictures. Can I send them to someone and get them posted? *posted to facebook AMK Fan Club. If someone could post here that would be great - thanks.
  9. Simple to answer that one. Because I am in the UK and the parts are in China. I have no access to them and there are various iterations of the kit of course. A mold is not just a mold, it has to be tested and this build was just that. A test build. We are on about mold number 4. The kit will speak for itself, I am confident. No amount of red lining from pictures of different angles will deter us from bringing out the best Tomcat. I have spoken to Sio this evening. The kit is on about version 4 and the GPS dome is corrected as are the bladders. I don't need to defend anything here so I doubt I'll answer any more here because it seems to cause problems of it's own. The kit is delayed and for that I am personally very sorry. There are very good reasons but reasons I cannot share for commerical and legal reasons. Put it this way, there are eyes everywhere and through our own wish to be transparent we trusted someone. I'll leave it there. Me? I am going to back to building my models. Why you may ask? Because I erroneously thought that I could help by being here, perhaps that is adding fuel to the situation so I'll be away until the kit is released. See you all at Telford and you want to give me a nudge then it would be good to see you.
  10. Theres no issue with the back end. The photographs and lines make for an optical illusion. I have posted comparison pictures on facebook. I'll be taking samples to Telford. If you're there you can see for yourself. I don't feel the need to post endless proof to forums because the kit will speak for itself. At the ned of the day, modelers will buy it or not as the case may be. I think that once you see the final product and the ad infinitum reviews come out then all will be answered. Life is too short to get all knotted up about a kit that you haven't seen yet. I admit that the delay is frustrating for all not just modelers. There is a reaon for it but I am not able to share at this point. All will become clear.
  11. Thanks for sharing the pictures Solo but what you didn't mention was that those were test shots and not the final product of course. They were also put together by a non modeller but a friend of ours who rushed them out for us at eDay. Little resemblance to the actual kit but the engineering remains the same of course. Come a long way since those πŸ™‚
  12. As the ejection seats don’t actually work, the plastic pilots trade union has forbade us to allow them in the box. However, quickboost crews have implied that they’re willing to walk over picket lines and enter the cockpit. For a small fee I hear. Avgas will also not be included as it is flammable and not allowed in the post. 😁
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