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  1. Thanks mate 🙂 Much appreciated. Yes, the Mi-17 is coming. I hope you've seen the latest pics on the AMK page?
  2. Hi all, Thanks for hacking me whoever you are and now I have control back, my last post was a post making a quote on the 22nd February in the usual way referring to the poster. Intersting that the person who hacked me didn't bother to check how I usually post and only gave single sentence answers. Pathetic. Thanks and I have changed my passwords and recovery emails! I apologise to whoever was offended by any posts purporting to be from 'me' . Sad!
  3. Hi everyone, I am joing this group because my eyes have given up the ghost and ow I can only see in 1/35. I have chosen 1/35 Russian, more specifically, Modern Russian AFV's from Afghanistan onwards. I have found some awesome resources online and looking forward to sharing my creations with you all. First up is an autumn Pripyat diorama with RT Diorama buildings and some special materials from The Scenic Factory. See you soon 🙂 I hope this is a more pleasant place than some others hahahaha
  4. Jake Dave Geoff Brian You guys here? Is this true or not?
  5. Totally agree but when you are shown ID of someone in a specific uniform it adds to the gravitas. I can absolutely tell you that Terry is Chinese 'Secret Service'. I no longer care because he has no hold over me. As I say, I no longer speak for or are associated with AMK in any way so my views and opinions are mine alone and not of the company or of my friend SeiHoi Sio. My posts from January and byond should not be associated with AMK in any way, shape or form. As soon as I can have my name changed I will do just that. BUT I prefer you know the truth as opposed to rumour
  6. Lets not forget AMK was one of the first, if not the first, to encourage aftermarket companies like Furball Decals to assist with production kits. This was the ethos of AMK under my tenure. Ammo and AK Interactive followed us with Takom, Trumpeter and others. Fact. That's gone now so most decals will be designed and produced in China I can only assume. Who lost out? We had arrangement with others who now will likely not get the chance to finish. Jake Melampy at Reid Air Brian at Fightertown Dave Roof at Leathernecks and many more projects to come in the future.
  7. There are always different level of samples. Pre production - alpha - fitting and honing of details and issues Pre production - beta - fitting and help with construction maybe Blah blah blah Pre production samples - sometimes fresh from x type mold usually no instructions or decals or box and so it goes on until the company is confident with the 'final product' - even then, with reported issues there are changes to be made Then decal selection and choice of producer as in this case.. The instructions are drawn and translated or corrected
  8. Oh and I don't need to prove anything. I am happy with what I have written and sleep well at night. I tell the truth and having served as a police detective for 20 years my personal integrity is worth to me than any model company or model forum! Those that have actually met me at Telford or at model meetings here in the UK or Malaysia will attest to that I am sure.
  9. Never sponsored any review or paid for a review. Not once, not ever. Anything written is entirely the writers view and that's that. Free samples as you call them are exactly that. Every magazine or reviewer gets a sample of a pre production product hence some of the time the final item is not in their hands. But who cares anymore? Facts are not important it seems. If it's a rubbish review then that's their look out. You either follow them or not it is up to the reader to decide. I don't speak for AMK anymore so I can now tell the truth and the truth is that we never, not
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