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  1. Fine job. I think the MIG-29 is a bad looking bird. I have the GWH MIG-29 in my stash. Ken
  2. Great looking Viper. Ken
  3. Thanks for all of the comments. Can you use White Spirits to clean the AB too? Ken
  4. Looking good. I love your idea of your build. Ken
  5. Finished all of the inner workings. The exhaust cans and intakes are in place. Next update will the the marriage of the upper and lower fuselage. Enjoy the pictures. Ken
  6. Kevin at Red Pegasus does custom decals. I have use him before. He is a little expensive but he might be able to do what you want. Give him a shout. http://www.redpegasusdecals.com/ Ken
  7. I want to try and use Mr. Color on my build. I have a few questions. 1 - Is Mr. Color a lacquer base paint? 2 - If it is, can you use the Alcad Airbrush Cleaner? I really like how the cleaner cleans my AB after using Alcad. 3 - If not, what is the best stuff to sue to the AB with Mr. Color paints? I am look forward of using Mr. Color because I heard so much positive comments about the paint. Ken
  8. Oops I accidentally press the post button and I can edit on the iPhone. Sorry about that. Here is the picture of the pit. I then mounted the pit onto the free my landing gear with gear up. I am not the best of a photographer. Thanks for looking. Ken
  9. Hello everyone, I am starting a WIP thread on my Academy F-4J VF-84 1/48 kit. I always welcome comment and suggestions so feel free to give my any you have. I am planning on doing the 212 bird with gear up. This is the kit. Today I completed the pit. I think this the best pit I have done so far. Still have a lot to learn but I am progressing in a positive way.
  10. Small update. I completed the pit and mounted it on the front landing gear that I closed up. I am taking my time on this. Enjoy. Ken
  11. Great start. Always like the Delta Dagger. Ken
  12. Curt, Thanks for the advise. I was planning to do that. Any other advise would be greatly appreciated. Ken
  13. To me it is perfect. No critique is needed. Ken
  14. Look good. Nicely done. How is the Itareti Kit? Ken
  15. Thanks all for checking. I am located in San Diego, CA. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/has/images/has_09979_title.jpg This is the kit. Ken
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