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  1. Thank you ya-gabor for putting those together. Craig
  2. I was told many years ago the decal sheet was one of the most expensive items in a model kit for the manufacturer, I don't know how that holds out today. FineMolds next release decal sheets for their special releases Blue and Yellow edition.
  3. The RF-4EJ tooling closes in on production with updates of the instrument panel. So nice FineMolds has paid attention to all these details. This helps even the casual modeller get things right. This information also provided along with photos shows how communication is so important in the entire process. This was the translation Google provides "Please note that the protrusion on the left side of the ejection seat of the 1/72 Phantom of Fine Molds is not a burr!" "The person in charge of the plastic model was about to cut it off ..."
  4. Thank you for the heads up. In the picture you can see daylight through the front and rear part of the fin cap. Of course the rear part is the top of the rudder. Trying to restrain as much as possible from sanding and loosing all the beautiful detail.
  5. If this has not been pointed out, courtesy of @GeneK, this photo shows the "drill out" dimples on the wing of this kit, applicable to USN/USMC verisons. Already mentioned are the similar dimples inside the forward upper engine intakes. Paging through Japanese F-4 publications feature units that flew at NAS Atsugi. My money is on a release which includes one of those units.
  6. Has anyone used the Nano seat harness detail set by FM? I have a set made some years back but found them very stiff and difficult to change from the flat shape. Is the plastic better now for forming to the contours? I wish ARC forums had a like button for all the great posts especially here on this thread.
  7. Seemingly a bit anti-climatic for me as I enjoyed all the previews. I'm afraid there will be nothing to surprise me when I open the box. Well done FineMolds, your stature in the aircraft modeling world will be heightened significantly when these hits the shelves outside Nihon. I've always admired the Japanese hobby industry and their commitment to quality.
  8. This is what google translate said for me about the image "Finally, the draft of the F-4EJ Kai has been submitted. I don't think there will be any slapstick corrections and drafts this time, so it seems that the 15-day shipment of the F-4EJ Kai will go as planned along with the 8-day shipment of the F-4EJ. Incidentally, the monthly model art @ModelArtInc released today. Then, in addition to advertising, the editor-in-chief's visit to our company and an interview with the president are posted.".
  9. Like that old adage "Go big or stay home".
  10. This also from Finemolds "It's crazy, it's pretty tempered. Once this is done, the release date can be officially announced". Sorry, for some reason reason my usual links are broken on this message board.
  11. "New Product F-4 EJ's decal production in progress! The Bangashira is in charge of the decal manuscript. I'm going to put a two-dimensional stuff on a-dimensional surface, so I'm actually putting it on and checking it out." FineMolds caption For those of us that still use kit decals.
  12. Nice front view. Very thin intake parts and they've included the supports behind the splitter.
  13. I can only assume you have this part?
  14. Going back and checking the parts layout seemingly optimistic viewing, that they have the E version vertical tail grouped with the forward fuselage parts. Besides the EJ and EJkai vertical tails as separate sprues. Again looking as though at least plans to manufacture the short nose versions. Apologies if this was covered already.
  15. Nice detail with caption "The F4 pitot tube is finished. Now it's bag packing work."
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