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  1. The author's first language is Japanese. Keeping in mind translation and this is only a blog on his part, taking %100 on everything he mentions may be a bit too hopeful. Like every company in today's environment, future plans can not be cast in stone. If each kit sells like crazy then it could be worth the while to invest in tooling etc..
  2. I do recall them stating on their pre-order page that no shipping would be charged, but I had always assumed that would only apply to their US based customers. Now I've gone to their new US website and it does say free shipping to continental US customers only.
  3. Keep in mind doing business in Japan is different than other parts of Asia. Prices of labour and production are vastly different. Over the last few years even Japanese owned businesses seek to have production done outside of Japan. So it all depends how you view it. Myself, I don't mind keeping the Tamiya monster fed, but I don't expect everyone to have the same views.
  4. I love the detail of the canopy and sills. The actual aircraft to me always seemed to have a closed in feel in that area and most kits did not really represent that to me.
  5. Sorry, I was referring to specifically the "S" model mentioned and shown in the blog. Yes I knew most were aware of the upcoming J release.
  6. Sounds like that will be the last they would do, and understandably, the biggest investment for retooling. But still think it will have no problem selling.
  7. I am a bit surprised nobody has mentioned anything about this yet. Personally I am waiting for the 1/48 D but will have to see my bank balances at the time. The S was great with the start of the low viz markings era.
  8. I'm glad the Mad Riveter didn't find work at Tamiya, it looks great.
  9. I don't see "advanced search" on Google. Did it change or am missing something?
  10. Every rivet and paint chip in place, the perfect showcase model. Congratulations
  11. This one is a bit off the radar compared to the talk of some of the other kits being mentioned. But I am more likely to buy rather than most. More kit details especially would be appreciated.
  12. I wonder how many kits over the years were sold merely on the box art?
  13. If you have pictures of them "weathered out" it would be great to see.
  14. I see a great looking kit for most modellers and room for slight improvement for aftermarket companies to address. It was never a kit on my must have list but now I am tempted to get at least one.
  15. Nothing wrong with your work, well done. If I may add some advice to stimulate the viewer, try adding a couple of close up views, even just a close up of the cockpit/canopy area and maybe the rear fuselage. This helps the onlookers to evaluate the workmanship such and seams and paint application and will only add to the viewer enjoyment. The pictures are in focus which is a plus as well. Good post.