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  1. These are always very open ended questions as we don't know you level of modelling and opinions will be varied. But all the kits will give you a decent level of detail and accuracy. As @echolmberg stated about the Monogram C/D, still stands up well but with raised panel lines and reasonably priced. Monogram/Hasegawa lack the intake trunks and engine compressor front detail as well. All four mentioned in @RichB63 list, if built up side by side on a table in front of you, I doubt you could tell a difference in a 30 second glance. Good luck in choosing.
  2. That detail up decals sheet looks very extensive, so I am thinking the kit supplied decals are just the very basic larger data stencils?
  3. Shame they can't seem to find a knowledgeable Phantom person to shed some light on to what the previewer is actually looking at.
  4. I'm confused by the Plazajapan link. It says for pre-order June 30, 2021, but also has an "ADD TO CART" link. Do they expect another release of this kit?
  5. This build started with good intentions but things started to go south but I pressed on. Vallejo Air paint and Eurodecals. Great detail in some areas, crap in others. Thank you for having a look. Craig
  6. I doubt AMK's efforts were really very much along the way.
  7. Fantastic news. Love this aircraft. Well done Kinetic.
  8. Thank you, my details come strictly as a long time modeller.
  9. One either side of the front and rear fuselage parts are missing "plugs" to provide the necessary changes in panel arrangements of the short nose Phantoms. Right hand side nose views are a bit more harder to come by and most drawings, if you can find reliable ones, show usually the left side of the aircraft. On a B/N display aircraft here is what it should be, followed by a line drawing comparison to the actual photo on a C model. I've found photos of this round panel also on early Ds and an early J model. On the rear of the aircraft the B/N has a change on both left and right, and a
  10. I'm following this purely for entertainment value.
  11. Just landed on Marcus Nicholls bench on FB.
  12. I did see a picture of similar arrangement on a South Dakota ANG A-7 wing pylon. A Koku Fan magazine comes to mind.
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