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  1. I did notice in pictures that the front of the windscreen does not fit flush with the fuselage, and that is noticed on more than one build. If I recall correctly it was brought up and Raymond stated that was a mould issue and would be corrected. But I feel it still exists. You can see it in the last picture of the OP link I posted.
  2. I like Brett but find his reviews are more of previews. Little information of actual fit issues etc..
  3. Here is thread I was referring, go to post #9 for his opinion. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235060180-zip-da-dee-doo-da-148-kinetic-f-104g-starfighter/&tab=comments#comment-3433099
  4. I did see a decent write-up on one of the forums but now I can't find it now. They were quite happy with everything, nothing overly bad. Have not even cut parts off the trees for me, getting hung up with a Sabre at the moment. If I can find it I will put in the link.
  5. Great website for technical details on the F-104. http://www.rolfferch.de/F104G/index.html
  6. Yes, thank you for the followup John. But my point being the same, as I know they are in the kit, but correct or not, my first option is not googling aftermarket replacements. But that's just me, lifelong non-conformist. The kit looks great and mine arrived last week. I will anticipate Kinetic's future releases now that I see they have improved since my previous purchase from them.
  7. Do people still scratchbuild anything anymore? They don't look that complicated.
  8. The newer companies that have sprung up in recent years give the impression they are businessmen looking for commercial avenues to ply their trade. They've found a market when some customers are eager for new products and very willing to spend generous dollars to get them. They are not modellers and don't understand that parts get lost, damaged and so forth. After they initial sale, any other followup just takes away from their next project and venture. Lets say they produce a 1000 kits, sell them. What difference would it make to support the customer, they just sold the quantities they produced. Possibly they are not aware the size of the modeller community. Any more ranting I do will just take me down a spiralling descent.
  9. Great attention to detail John, but for those of us not intimate with the 104, where about's is this "bleed air heat exchanger exhaust" of which you speak?
  10. Looking forward to seeing how it goes together. My only other experience is with their AMX kit and was not impressed with a number of fit issues. The worst was the landing gear.
  11. Look at the image they are are using. Likely was their easiest reference source.
  12. I would be surprised if they made a new sprue for this part, likely we will be manufacturing our own if we chose.
  13. Totally agreed. I am looking forward to this kit which I have already pre-ordered. And thanks to Raymond for updates.
  14. The entire modelling population of Malaysia are anxiously awaiting a CL-41G Tebuan to hit the shelves.
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