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  1. Nice detail with caption "The F4 pitot tube is finished. Now it's bag packing work."
  2. More teasers. I'm not sure what is supposed to be the item in the second image.
  3. Leave a couple for the rest of us Gene!!!
  4. Just one pic I found of interest today, wing tank half. Sorry I don't have the knowledge of others to comment on tooling etc.
  5. Another view of the wing bottom, a new image posted by FineMolds.
  6. Why don't you post those  latest shots to BM?





    1. Craig Baldwin

      Craig Baldwin

      A little disappointed that your not adding input over there. Just added them now.  Got pretty busy airbrushing on the weekend with the CT-133.

    2. GeneK


      I got fed up with the moderator's "throw out the baby with the bathwater" attitude when they deleted one of my posts regarding the value of price discussions as related to a specific kit (the FM Phantom). So as the athletes say when changing teams, "I will take my talents to xxx". (not that I had any talent other than to be inspired by some creative folks like yourself at BM).


      I upped my order at Hobby Search to four Phantom kits, but the Kai slipped through, so I'll add that one too. I'm fairly confident I'll be able to shoehorn on some Hasegawa front ends, including the RF. The short noses like the C will be easy.


      Are you posting the CT-133 on line??????????




    3. Craig Baldwin

      Craig Baldwin

      The CT-133 is for IPMS Canada but I will give a small sneak peak maybe to a forum or two. Your still on the invite list of the article on Google Drive.

      Going for the faded Day-Glo effect for the TBird. A small sample



      Every mould shot makes that F-4 kit looks so mouthwatering. So many parts though would not be interchangeable with an RF. I'm trying to be hopeful of other versions but stranger things have happened in the model industry.



  7. Which I'm sure will whip up the speculation. Have we ever seen this many mould progress shots of a future release before?
  8. More great images from the Fine Molds Twitter feed. Assume what you will.
  9. Great shot of a C2 but not sure how to create image direct here. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/5/72060_1589679782.jpg
  10. Beautiful eye popping detail. And to think we get cockpits of larger scale kits with clumsy looking panels from some kit manufacturers. Seeing the lower wing section with the AIM 7 stations, I am not totally convinced they will do an RF version but doesn't mean I am not praying hard for it. Thanks for the upload Gene.
  11. Curious why the nose gear leg is included on that sprue. I thought only the B, J, N and S version had a different strut. Leaving out any discussion of the K and M, a topic in itself.
  12. Update from Fine Molds with this video, starting at the 1:40.00 mark. Seems little is spared to make this a great kit. https://tinyurl.com/ydgdmc6e
  13. I feel I would just keep repeating myself with great compliments of your modelling skills. Please keep up your motivation with this Deuce. Wishing you and your great country well in these turbulent times.
  14. One of the few websites in my bookmarked sites that shows this on Firefox in the address bar. Anyone have an explanation for the padlock symbol with the red cross through it?
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