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  1. Did you check the Res-kit page? https://reskit-models.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=f-35&ocf=F16S2V3607417149
  2. FineMolds has announced that the first boxings of the C kit are missing parts tree "E". Customers are asked to contact FineMolds to arrange for replacement part. As well this is their holiday schedule. "As of December 28th, business has ended for the remainder of 2023. We will be open for business from the 5th of the new year, but responses to inquiries, requests for parts, and mail order shipments will be available from the 9th onwards. Please refer to the information in the source post regarding the missing runners for the “F-15 C Fighter” kit."
  3. Yes, I have both, and wish they would have included both parts in all kits. A good build but double check alignment of parts along the way.
  4. My current bench project is the F-15J J-MSIP by FineMolds. Test fitting and gluing in progress. I have found detail and fit excellent throughout. Three two minor areas are the top of the intakes with sink marks, filling sanding in progress with Mr Surfacer. On the forward fuselage, aft lower end are some seams requiring blending, with the left side needing slightly more blending. Future releases seem possible with locating divots on the side of the intakes for the fairing as seen in the final photo. Good information can be found here https://thaimilitaryandasianre
  5. Thank you John. One never has enough reference material. I see that book is harder to find.
  6. During my build of the FineMolds F-15, I noticed that some aircraft have the round louvred vent to the right side aft of the cockpit, and some don't. And now in at least one case there are photos of an aircraft with and without it in the time period of one year. Assuming it is tied to the Environmental System (air conditioning), anyone have any information on it installation? Thank you
  7. Thank you Gene, a great job. Very useful for which I believe will be the go-to Eagle kit in 1/72. Mine arrived a few days ago and no disappointments here.
  8. As a side note " [Color announced at the All Japan Model Hobby Show ② ] Two new colors have been added to Mr. Color's airplane colors! Two FS colors available for current US military aircraft.
  9. The above links work good. Other aircraft and armour are analyzed and compared as well. http://soyuyo.main.jp/index.html
  10. I did search the threads in this forum but have not seen this. GWH shows this new kit and one of the post states-"will be listing in 2023". Check their Facebook page, it is an open page so no FB membership is required to view. https://www.facebook.com/Great.Wall.Hobby
  11. In case Boomer or anyone else has not seen this. 3D printed parts for the RF-4. https://1999.co.jp/eng/11016896
  12. Thank you Boomer for this thread. We can see you have a passion for the RF. Great details.
  13. Sprues are starting production along a with the owner of FineMolds, Kunihiro Suzuki, presented in an interview, talking about the kit. CC into English does a not bad translation.
  14. @GeneK First look, quite close. The Eagle ladder has eight rungs vs 7. The rear rail looks a bit taller to make it over the intake and a slight steeper angle of the cockpit frame. So relatively small adjustments for a 3D file?
  15. An accessory for release to go with the new F-15 kit. The first image is a cockpit shot of kit. https://finemolds.co.jp/NC/NA16.html?fbclid=IwAR3EDNwJ3_SDZ04QoeTY2z_2-6K8l3bw7BwG_C6xr-oc_l-uO8TVmNQQW1A
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