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  1. That is exactly the point I feel about CADs and why I never get very worked up about them. For me it's the end product and sharpness of molding. Fitting of the parts and assemblies is very high on my "want list". I will wait for sprue shots before I get closer to purchase decision.
  2. Ooooooo I only wish I photographed that one. Although I did several photo-shoots at Hector Field, that one I pulled off Wiki. Most of my Phantom photo stock is in Kodachrome format. I saw the 119th transition from ADC grey to the last low vis grey and they had several with the smooth nose but previously had the "normal" D radome. Most of Fargo's D's were early batch models. When the Z-M F-4C/D hits the mailorder shelves, I plan on getting at least 2. One for the Hooligan markings and a certain Cam Ranh Bay bird.
  3. You mean like this (for reference only)
  4. I like the frequent updates and feedback I see. I am a bit worried of what the panel lines and rivet detail will look like on the finished plastic. Some of the pock marked kits from manufacturers in recent year yearn for the days of simple finely scribed lines. My one concern is that the Bronco's main landing gear legs rendered in plastic may be a bit weak if done to scale.
  5. I'll agree with that, why can't they give just finely recessed panel lines.
  6. 1/48 scale aircraft is just one part of Tamiya. RC, hobby supplies and other scale plastic is a pretty big picture. A hole is left for AMK to fill and we will get what we want from them.
  7. I was hoping a little more that the Super Etendard and G91 would be produced but disappointed in that, especially the G91. I did purchase the MiG 31, more out of wanting to see what the kit was like. I'll keep holding my breathe for the G91.
  8. You've created a beauty. The whole finish and effect are top notch. You've proved there is a lot of mileage left in those Monogram kits.
  9. Who says dirt is bad? Good looking worked over CF-18 you have. Great photography as well.
  10. That strikes me too, but I think a wide angle lens setting was used? That aside, great looking Eurofighter you've complete. Very pleasing overall finish.
  11. is a very good resources for checking kits and accessories. Although it not not have EVERY thing that was ever made, it does a lot of them.
  12. I go along with the others, those Dayglo's are great looking. Excellent build.
  13. Nothing to say but good building and photos, I like it.
  14. Ok I'll let you guys figure it out.
  15. I am quite sure company funding has dried up.