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  1. I've seen Martin post on another forum that they are putting out another batch for shipment. Very high demand. I would imagine big sales also stoke the fires for more future releases.
  2. Yes I placed my order before Dec 1 sometime and my account now says it has been shipped. I had no other items with it.
  3. What always baffles me is that there are these aircraft in museums and examine and measure accurately. Obviously their sales are strong enough that they are not more worried about builders reviews. Maybe they have heavy sales in China that offsets anything lost by other marketing areas.
  4. I'm getting spoiled with AMK, would have to see build reviews before I commit cash to these purchases.
  5. Not sure how many have come across this site but it is of Russian origin and many good models and photos of actual equipment. DishModels.ru It is somewhat armor heavy but some aircraft/naval subjects.
  6. I recently purchased the cockpit set and some decals for the decals for the Jag, but the more I read the less likely I will ever buy the is kit. I am kind of doubting actual modellers were involved in producing these kits.
  7. On items like boarding ladder and refueling probe, I would prefer to see the area behind these panel lines made thinner than other areas to make the items easier to carve out. Rather than openings to try and fill if you don't want them deployed. Was the the D version that much different than the A aside from the exhausts?
  8. I am assuming you are referring to other kits with those comments.
  9. A couple things I would like to see on this F-14 release would be external fuel tanks, ACMI pod and TARPS. From a marketing point of view, why not have 2 releases of the F-14A, a Hi vis and Lo vis release? Of course that would be catering to the OCD weaknesses in modelers/collectors. The Low vis might include the Ferris scheme.
  10. Lacquer thinner can not be used with water-base acrylic based paint. Sometimes different brands of acrylic paints/thinners/retarders are not compatiable, this is what I think is the problem here. But definitely drying as it hits the surface. Do you have Tamiya acrylic thinner to use. Mid 20's C temps is okay for successful airbrushing. Remember air exiting the nozzle of the airbrush is even cooler due to air going from high pressure to low pressure.
  11. Bottom side of wing when the flag are extended. There are panels in between the flap tracks. These panels retract upwards. Not sure of all the flap lowered positions on a F-14 and as to when these panels are affected, but at full down they pull up. Googling F-14 flaps I found at least one good photo showing these. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade and little stuff like this I remember.
  12. I think avionics compartments, etc are best left to the aftermarket folks, they can create that detail in resin far better than most injection work. The flaps deployed selection adds the problem of the panels on the lower side forward of the flaps that retract. Not undo-able, but more complex. Really looking forward to more news of this release.
  13. Agreed, I was hoping there is more news when I see another reply to the thread instead of something off topic.
  14. Meaning exactly? Would like this to be my 1st AMK purchase. Sorry not interested in Russian jets/subjects.
  15. I think so called "bad" kits still look better built than any "great" kit looks unbuilt. I worked on these back in the 1980's, let me know if there are any questions I may be able to help you with. Ask sooner than later, memory is going fast. Looks like a great start so far. :banana:/>
  16. I was born in the wrong decade, not a clue as to your point.
  17. Thank you for answering so quickly. Wishing your company all the best and if you make a 1/48 Canadair slatted Sabre, I take a few on pre-order :lol:
  18. Of course great news, but how do AMK have so many to announce when we see other more established kit producers struggle to announce far fewer truly new releases. Is AMK associated with another company. Seems like a large budget is required to make this release schedule happen? Not wanting to sound negative, but it is curious of me.
  19. As well as dirt being thrown up by the tires, blotches of grease from the landing gear also get blown against the fuselage and wings. These are usually like oversize giant bugs splattered. Engine oil from Jet turbines is generally a yellow/orange appearance. Some hydraulic fluids are red in colour while modern Skydrol hydraulic fluid is a clear purple look to it but usually ends up attracting all the dirt to it.
  20. I see all this news about releases, do we know the order we should expect to see them? The Tomcat and G-91 are two I am very interested in.
  21. With 12000 grit paper, the surface may look dull but gloss paint will appear ultra smooth on it, even lacquer.
  22. You need the plastic polished for what, a Natural Metal finish product? A paste polishing compound like the Tamiya brand or other type of pastes should work. For straight paint 12000 is more than enough.
  23. I will add to the closed panel preferred kits list. There are a few kits I have stayed away from just for that reason. Closing them always leaves extra work and sometimes not the best results for me. I will really keep my eye on this one. - Am I the only one around who would like to see a proper Canadair Sabre with slats in 1/48?
  24. Feeling the angst. Being a Canadian modeler, the number of times Canadian national markings have been misrepresented is countless. And as well a Saab owner, I recognized the error.
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