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  1. With 12000 grit paper, the surface may look dull but gloss paint will appear ultra smooth on it, even lacquer.
  2. You need the plastic polished for what, a Natural Metal finish product? A paste polishing compound like the Tamiya brand or other type of pastes should work. For straight paint 12000 is more than enough.
  3. I will add to the closed panel preferred kits list. There are a few kits I have stayed away from just for that reason. Closing them always leaves extra work and sometimes not the best results for me. I will really keep my eye on this one. - Am I the only one around who would like to see a proper Canadair Sabre with slats in 1/48?
  4. Feeling the angst. Being a Canadian modeler, the number of times Canadian national markings have been misrepresented is countless. And as well a Saab owner, I recognized the error.
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