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  1. On 6/16/2023 at 10:44 AM, GeneK said:

    What's your assessment thus far?


    When I see the smallest detail like the differences between instrument panel, it's difficult not to be impressed. The exhausts without turkey feathers still look to chunky so it may be necessary to replace with better aftermarket parts. 3D printing project??? If followed up with a D, I'm not sure I would buy any more Hasegawa Eagles.


    I have both versions pre-ordered and will work my build schedule around their arrival.

  2. Another update from  @Finemolds_T today on Twitter...


    [F-15J progress report] Some of the finished products exhibited at the hobby show were 3D printer output products. It is a place with no engraving. Here is the processing of the back of the fuselage in progress. The mold before electrical discharge machining and the electrical discharge master. And after EDM...


    The first image from the model show.








  3. On the picture of the FineMolds fuselage/wing there is a cut out to fit a panel to the right of the speedbrake. In this F-15E photo, you can see the same area where there is an object that is not flush. Something specific to the Strike Eagle?




    180510-F-QP712-9162 close up.jpg

  4. 7 minutes ago, ya-gabor said:


    But here are some more views of the kit. 

    If I understand right from the video in the area below the airbrake the rivets are positive.




    The area after the canopy and believe what is above it are the two internal walls of the after cockpit bay with ribs and black boxes. But this is only a guess from me. 





    When I watched the video, I thought the centre section between the front of the airbrake and back of the canopy was moulded with the rest of the wing, making it only a J version. But with your edited picture, I see that this short section is a separate piece, so a DJ is possible. There are many aggressor schemes to build. More good news.

  5. 3 hours ago, GeneK said:

    Basically - how does the J model differ from the A and C models ...that is, what needs to be done to model other single seat variants?


    2 hours ago, ya-gabor said:

    My knowledge of the F-15 is limited, but as far as I could see from photos I would expect a different instrument panel, some antennas and could it be the "turkey feathers" on the exhaust.  Fairly simple "conversion" to make from a 15J version. But it is possible that someone will post a several page long list of visible big differences.



    I can't give a "several page long list", but @ya-gabor you have covered it well. The turkey feathers were present at the beginning but soon disappeared early in use, and Finemolds promo art shows one aircraft with the feathers in place so hopefully both will be on one sprue. From my research of my build of a J,  just a few antenna type/placement may be different. The fairings extending rear of the exhaust, you will find different combinations depending on airframe, either both pointed, left side pointed only or both rounded as in this picture. And both fairings on top of the vertical tail were the smaller size, ballasts I recall someone saying.



  6. 3 hours ago, habu2 said:

    Does anyone know of any other build reviews on this kit?  My google-fu is weak on this one...


    How is your Japanese?

    The only review I've seen are like this.......



    I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Scalemates shows none.


    I have the kit and the quality is excellent. Excellent detail and crisp fine panel lines. Unlike the Hasegawa F-2, only parts for the A are included. No pilot figure and no weapons included.




  7. 29 minutes ago, Hoops said:


    It's not on the website yet, but it is on their Facebook page.


    3 hours ago, GeneK said:

     Service from DMX to the US has also been great (for me 1 1/2 weeks).


    However, I can't find a link on the DXM site to this new sheet ... yet.


     My error, the announcement from this image stated it is a near future release.



  8. 1 hour ago, ya-gabor said:

    Why is it interesting here? It shows a company which has a little bit different way of thinking when solving problems.


    An excellent example of when the president of the company is actually a model builder himself and cares about quality! After completing my second FineMolds kit, the F-2A, I can where they have tried to get as much detail and accuracy into every part.

  9. 5 minutes ago, ya-gabor said:

    What was the FineMolds artist thinking?????????????????


    I recall @ya-gabor pointed out errors in the original D box artwork. And the J artwork, the aircraft looked to be headed nose down at very low altitude.

    Glad the artwork doesn't represent the quality of the contents of the box.

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