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  1. @GeneK I'm just amazed people have that much clear space on their workbench!!! 😮
  2. FineMolds 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A FP48 Review FineMolds announced this kit in September 2021 catching a few people off guard but was warmly welcomed after many modellers adored their series of F-4 Phantom II in 1/72. Although I had heard of FineMolds, I was not familiar with their products and after building their F-4EJ was eager to see this new kit. Originally scheduled for a February 2022 release, pushed back to May with a steady stream of social media previews of kit progression of the moulds. Cutting to the chase, mine arrived from HLJ and I quickly started on i
  3. LOL, Okay my little teaser, that gun muzzle fairing that looks poorly fitted on the test shots build. Mine fits well but a bit of filing was needed, that is all. I was considering writing up a detailed review but thought everyone would have had theirs by now. So today I will see if I can get written and posted quickly. The panel lines are delicate but some care is needed in the fitting. More very soon.
  4. Here is one modellers attempt to access filling the intake seams.
  5. This photo by nc39 306 J50 np @306Z33 on Twitter of the second built F-2A helps show off the underside details of the aircraft.
  6. For those who are sticklers for following instructions, a correction was noted by FineMolds in the painting notes. Here is their post on both Facebook and Twitter. I ordered the Wolfpack Design seats and they arrived yesterday. Although made for the Hasegawa series, the fit is fine, but you will have to add the rear seat rails from the kit part.
  7. Each of us will come to our own conclusions. Like any model there will be room for adjustments. I've seen mentioning by FineMolds that these were test shot builds and adjustments were made. Maybe my modelling heart has a soft spot for FineMolds with their F-4 releases and love of plastic modelling, but I am giving them a pass regardless of the verdict of others. mine as well will arrive next week. The "slice shape rivets" @haneto refers on the wing are likely FM attempt at producing the effect of these type of fasteners(sorry the technical name elu
  8. From their announcement "I didn’t have a clue how to make a model kit at that time." I see this evidence with a number of newer manufacturers. Their AMX really disappointed me but hopes raised with their F-104 (my only 2 Kinetic purchases). This release will provide a basis for an ADF build if the reviews look promising. Good luck to them.
  9. For decals, you should find most of what you need here. https://www.hahen.com/epages/64625185.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64625185/Products/48030 Their decals are excellent. I know there are a couple of members on Britmodeller forum who could answer your questions regarding details. Good luck. Craig
  10. I can only find that his name is Hasegawa and here he is with the FineMolds president Mr Suzuki at the ModelArt booth.
  11. "Since we received a large number of additional orders for the F-2A even after the production quantity was confirmed, we have no stock left at this time. (Thank you to everyone who made a reservation. All reservations will be shipped.) The next reproduction time is undecided. Some shops are still accepting reservations, so please make a reservation as soon as possible." Dire warning on FineMolds News Twitter feed!!!
  12. With the curvature of the intake, I'm not sure how far back from the front a seam would be visible? I've never built an F-2 nor F-16 for comparison.
  13. These parts are looking very nice and they didn't simply just mirror the right and left main wheelwell details.
  14. Almost expected but a bit earlier than I assumed. Most of the anniversary schemes were applied to A models, I'll have to google some anniversary B schemes.
  15. Yes, thanks Gene. The only things I've noticed are no pylon/launcher for sta 2/10 and is that both an open/closed optional speedbrakes provided at the very top of the sprue layout? The markings option scheme to are given but unless you going for aftermarket decals there are a bit minimal. I did find this early scheme but will require some work to find the colours and markings to reproduce it.
  16. The CL and wing tanks (Station 85's) were identical except for the vertical fin on the Station 85's. Not having owned the Kinetic, I cannot speak to any accuracy. The fins did sometimes crack so it would not be unusual to see a tank with non-matching paint. The nose oleo could be extended on the A model on take-off roll to allow for increased angle of attack. My course books are long gone and I can't recall exactly how the system functioned but I never saw the nose oleo extended otherwise and never remembered a problem with it. The A and D model nose gear were two enti
  17. In both photos heavy rope was indeed used. We would use this type on up to CF-18 size aircraft. Late 1980's thru the end of the Canadian Forces use of the aircraft. Not to say at other bases they may have had wood chocks. As I said I will try and answer what you may wonder about. One small technical issue always annoys me with the Kinetic A model. The nose landing gear should angle forward a few degrees. Find a good side view and you will see how much to correct it. The 2 seater nose gear was more straight up and down.
  18. I was with 419 in the early 1990's and some of the aircraft still retained these earlier schemes. Yes they were VERY faded. Depending at what stage in the aircraft's life you want to depict, you may want to tone down the colours. Here is my photo of 705 from the early '90s with 419 and a few years earlier still in 434 Bluenose markings. Film type, time of day lighting of course will play into colours. Don't worry about non-matching external stores like pylons, tanks and noses, they were changed regularly and ABSOLUTELY no preference was given as to the colours worn by the aircraft when install
  19. Check this site https://www.ejectionsite.com/index.html Go to the Gallery and you will find pics and information on the seats used in the T-33.
  20. That's a great shot @Inquisitor, thanks for posting. The overwing shots are alittle harder to come by.
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