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  1. Assembling the landing gear, I noticed a build detail not mentioned in the instructions. There is a small locating slot on the brake assembly that aligns with a bump on the gear part. Aligning the two will ensure the wheel and brake have proper symmetry and you will see part of the axle stub protruding past the brake assembly, with the wheel having a small hole to allow for this.










  2. 51 minutes ago, haneto said:

    The easiest way is to put Hasegawa F-15 nose to a side profile picture which is widely available online, and you will find the kit nose cone could not match the real thing outline in the picture.


    Well you are correct that they would not match for the fact that where the photographer was standing sets different distances from the camera sensor/film to the tip of the radome compared to the base(the part that attaches to the fuselage). Optical distortion. As well focal length used.

  3. On 6/29/2022 at 6:18 AM, haneto said:

    WIP photos by Mr. Jersey Chen.


    Would you have a link from where this information and WIP was taken?

  4. FineMolds 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A FP48 Review



    FineMolds announced this kit in September 2021 catching a few people off guard but was warmly welcomed after many modellers adored their series of F-4 Phantom II in 1/72. Although I had heard of FineMolds, I was not familiar with their products and after building their F-4EJ was eager to see this new kit. Originally scheduled for a February 2022 release, pushed back to May with a steady stream of social media previews of kit progression of the moulds.


    Cutting to the chase, mine arrived from HLJ and I quickly started on it. The instructions are well laid out and progress normally for an aircraft kit and although predominately Japanese text there are English translation for the important building details. FineMolds has issued a correction in the call out of paint colours, see attached. The paper used for the instructions is good quality and painting guides give the reduction rate so it is easier to calculate enlargement for printing if desired.


    The panel line and fastener detail is as good as it gets in 72nd scale, nicely engraved and a few notable areas have raised detail such as formation lights(I detest the term slime lights). The only sink marks are on the speedbrakes optional closed position parts. And with that the options of the kit are canopy open/closed and antenna arrangement and of course marking choice of three aircraft. No weapons are provided but FineMolds do sell a JASDF weapons set(FP39), pitot/AOA(AA53) and a seat harness(NA8) parts. The cockpit instrument panel and side consoles have option parts for raised details or flat panels which have beautifully printed decals for these. No details are present on the side panels above the side consoles.


    The largest challenge of the kit is the long intake that has two side running seams. The front upper section of the intake D1 is called out to glue first on the fuselage bottom and add D10/D11 after the intake is installed, which I followed but then wondered if D1/D10/D11 could be assembled on the intake before attaching to the lower fuselage to ease filling of the seams? I may try that on the F-2B FineMolds release.


    Fitting of the parts is going well but I do see some testing and adjustment of the main wings to the fuselage. Wing external fuel tanks come with the kit but not the center tank but have seen mention on Twitter that it will be included on the F-2B release. To attach the wing pylons, very large placement holes are on the bottom of the wings. While most pictures show 3 wing pylons aside mounted, occasionally you will see no wing pylons.


    The Horizontal Tails can only be fitting in the neutral position but there is room to add brass tubing and rod if you prefer show it in the relaxed “no power” config. Exhaust outlet is nicely detail and you will find 3D printed replacement exhausts available that will improve the inside look to it. Landing gear and smaller parts very well moulded and have the brake units separate from the wheels. There is excellent detail in the wheelwells and not simply one side details mirrored on the opposite that we still see kit manufacturers try to get away with.


    There is a(correction) seam line on the canopy to polish out but I am days away from fitting of the clear parts. The ejection seat is good with aftermarket options offered. There is a nut and bolt included that is installed in the radome but I was not aware of nose weight being necessary for other F-2 or F-16 kits.


    After studying the F-2 in photos I see there is very little variation of the main camouflage pattern between airframes. Mr Color sells the correct colours for the pattern and offers them in a set and you may want to check Japanese Hobby stores stocking Gunpla in North America to find these paints as I did.


    This is as much as I can offer so far with my build. Once you get past the intake it looks like a quick build. There is an area on either side of the lower fuselage aft of the main landing gear wheelwells that panel details did not release properly from the moulds and they address the issue in the YouTube video linked in an earlier post on this thread.


    For me it’s a must buy with better detail than the Hasegawa kit and should be available readily in the future to feed the enthusiastic domestic modeling market.





    Colour correction offered by FineMolds.







  5. 7 hours ago, ya-gabor said:

    Show us something!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LOL, Okay my little teaser, that gun muzzle fairing that looks poorly fitted on the test shots build. Mine fits well but a bit of filing was needed, that is all.


    I was considering writing up a detailed review but thought everyone would have had theirs by now. So today I will see if I can get written and posted quickly. The panel lines are delicate but some care is needed in the fitting. More very soon.




  6. For those who are sticklers for following instructions, a correction was noted by FineMolds in the painting notes. Here is their post on both Facebook and Twitter.


    I ordered the Wolfpack Design seats and they arrived yesterday. Although made for the Hasegawa series, the fit is fine, but you will have to add the rear seat rails from the kit part.





  7. 13 hours ago, GeneK said:

    Based on the limited photos I've seen, I think the fit looks great ... a fact that I'll have a chance to validate next week


    Each of us will come to our own conclusions.


    8 hours ago, haneto said:

    It is indeed a great kit, but maybe just not "so splendid" as propganda says.

    The gap between fuselage and wings could have been avoided, if they make the whole upper surface by one piece part, but unfortunately it did not happen.


    Like any model there will be room for adjustments. I've seen mentioning by FineMolds that these were test shot builds and adjustments were made.


    Maybe my modelling heart has a soft spot for FineMolds with their F-4 releases and love of plastic modelling, but I am giving them a pass regardless of the verdict of others. mine as well will arrive next week.


    The "slice shape rivets" @haneto refers on the wing are likely FM attempt at producing the effect of these type of fasteners(sorry the technical name eludes me) that are detailed here in the shot of the lower wing on a F-2. Rivets seem to be the common term modellers use to call every divot the kit manufacturers try to produce on the skin of an aircraft.



    Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 10-24-07 D7W_4947.png

  8. From their announcement "I didn’t have a clue how to make a model kit at that time." I see this evidence with a number of newer manufacturers. Their AMX really disappointed me but hopes raised with their F-104 (my only 2 Kinetic purchases). This release will provide a basis for an ADF build if the reviews look promising.


    Good luck to them.

  9. "Since we received a large number of additional orders for the F-2A even after the production quantity was confirmed, we have no stock left at this time. (Thank you to everyone who made a reservation. All reservations will be shipped.) The next reproduction time is undecided. Some shops are still accepting reservations, so please make a reservation as soon as possible."

    Dire warning on FineMolds News Twitter feed!!!




  10. 14 hours ago, habu2 said:


    I tend to agree, looks like filling the seam will be more difficult, especially in 72nd. May have to cut it anyway to "reach" the middle. 


    With the curvature of the intake, I'm not sure how far back from the front a seam would be visible? I've never built an F-2 nor F-16 for comparison.

  11. 3 hours ago, GeneK said:

    Parts layout has been posted, Craig -- new?


    Yes, thanks Gene. The only things I've noticed are no pylon/launcher for sta 2/10 and is that both an open/closed optional speedbrakes provided at the very top of the sprue layout?


    The markings option scheme to are given but unless you going for aftermarket decals there are a bit minimal. I did find this early scheme but will require some work to find the colours and markings to reproduce it.




  12. 1 hour ago, Jim Barr said:

    Well, since you are in a question answering mood....


    On your point about the nose gear, Kinetic does give you two different nose gear struts, one being longer, that I think is meant to let you angle the strut forward; although the number called out for the CF-5 is the shorter one.


    The CL and wing tanks (Station 85's) were identical except for the vertical fin on the Station 85's. Not having owned the Kinetic, I cannot speak to any accuracy. The fins did sometimes crack so it would not be unusual to see a tank with non-matching paint.


    The nose oleo could be extended on the A model on take-off roll to allow for increased angle of attack.  My course books are long gone and I can't recall exactly how the system functioned but I never saw the nose oleo extended otherwise and never remembered a problem with it.


    The A and D model nose gear were two entirely different components with the A model oleo scissors at the rear and the D in front of the oleo.


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