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  1. More teasers. I'm not sure what is supposed to be the item in the second image.
  2. Leave a couple for the rest of us Gene!!!
  3. Just one pic I found of interest today, wing tank half. Sorry I don't have the knowledge of others to comment on tooling etc.
  4. Another view of the wing bottom, a new image posted by FineMolds.
  5. Which I'm sure will whip up the speculation. Have we ever seen this many mould progress shots of a future release before?
  6. More great images from the Fine Molds Twitter feed. Assume what you will.
  7. Great shot of a C2 but not sure how to create image direct here. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/5/72060_1589679782.jpg
  8. Beautiful eye popping detail. And to think we get cockpits of larger scale kits with clumsy looking panels from some kit manufacturers. Seeing the lower wing section with the AIM 7 stations, I am not totally convinced they will do an RF version but doesn't mean I am not praying hard for it. Thanks for the upload Gene.
  9. Curious why the nose gear leg is included on that sprue. I thought only the B, J, N and S version had a different strut. Leaving out any discussion of the K and M, a topic in itself.
  10. Update from Fine Molds with this video, starting at the 1:40.00 mark. Seems little is spared to make this a great kit. https://tinyurl.com/ydgdmc6e
  11. I feel I would just keep repeating myself with great compliments of your modelling skills. Please keep up your motivation with this Deuce. Wishing you and your great country well in these turbulent times.
  12. One of the few websites in my bookmarked sites that shows this on Firefox in the address bar. Anyone have an explanation for the padlock symbol with the red cross through it?
  13. @GeneK I would be more interested in what was the lowest you ever went in an F-4? Any hijinks like this???
  14. Gene, part #13 you mention looks like #19 but it would have to involve the engines in some way cut I can't quite figure it. Yes only one. I will see if a slatted version is on the horizon and I have too many projects on my list. In this picture it would seem to me the airbrake wells would be moulded closed, you can see the shadows on the mould of where they should be. Definitely an opening for aftermarket parts manufacturers.
  15. Seems they are not shy about sharing the progress, good news for us. Two types of instrument panels provided. I pre-ordered mine yesterday.
  16. Yes Gene, I could not believe I was looking at 1/72 intake parts. The bar has been raised out of reach for some manufacturers. I will keep an eye out for more eye candy. But in the mean time I've been filtering through my Kodachrome collection and found another to wet our appetite. A scan of a shot taken July 1992 of a 306 squadron aircraft shot by a very loyal trading partner of mine Toshikazu Nishizaka and former Mitsubishi F1 crew chief.
  17. Inspiring work. Your pushing the envelope in craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  18. The price looks reasonable if it is their usual quality. So many paint variations............ 😃
  19. Thank you for these new images. There will be lots of opinions on that rivet detail but I'm really looking forward to this kit.
  20. I don't check in here as often as I should. Very happy along with others you are carrying on with this build. Beautiful work.
  21. To me the F-5s show in this picture look to be F-5E's. F-5A's vertical tail was blended into the fuselage dorsal panels, as well forward facing scoops would be visible on top the fuselage over the engine. The wing leading edge extension looks to be the larger variety they used on the F-5E. Correct me if I am wrong.
  22. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Beautiful craftsmanship. You make it look easy.
  23. I did notice in pictures that the front of the windscreen does not fit flush with the fuselage, and that is noticed on more than one build. If I recall correctly it was brought up and Raymond stated that was a mould issue and would be corrected. But I feel it still exists. You can see it in the last picture of the OP link I posted.
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