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  1. All kit parts complete and sealed in bags, metal wheels/rubber tyres included, decals also still in sealed bag. Extras: Eduard photo etch Seat belts Eduard photo etch Cockpit set Eduard Canopy masks. Eduard FOD covers. External front access ladder (Plastic, as found in the Hasegawa USAF F-4 kits I believe) 4 x Sidewinder missiles (Built & primered, but make up for the lack of kit AIM-9s) £75. Price includes postage to Mainland UK via Hermes. Also have other RAF Phantom decals, rocket pods, cluster bombs, TERs etc if you are l
  2. Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys happen to have one or two of the unused/not suitable for certain kits fuel tanks that are included in a few of the Kitty Hawk kits on a "generic stores" sprue? It is included in the KH kits as follows I believe: Gripen A/C Gripen B/D Mirage F1 Mirage CT/CR and the Etendard kit too Heres the bits I mean, circled in red - Beer tokens are of course offered in exchange, or maybe we can trade some bits? Its mostly 1/48 RAF cold war stuff I have here. There are other bits
  3. Hey Calum! Keep going, man. It could be worse - you could have the A and T2/T4 versions in the wings and not got so far as painting the GR..... ;) Its not such a bad kit really, just requires work, as does the Airfix/Revell/Heller. Its the price that really gets me, oh and the decals are pants along with some sections of the destructions, weapons and tanks are wrong for the RAF bird, etc. However... it has potential if you have the patience (and a spare Airfix Jag). Got to admire you regards the last bit, Calum!
  4. First post updated - Indian AF and Nigerian AF Jaguar decals sorted! :) Theres still a great big hole in my life for some Su-25 FOD covers though... Any joy with finding some escapees, Mike?
  5. Brilliant, thanks for that, Mike. You have a PM. :)
  6. Very kind of you guys, thank you very much. I was a little hesitant to post in here, but looks like Im doing something right even without washes. I really must paint up the access ladders and get the accompanying Jaguar sorted for staging something along the lines of this: Ive finally got the Jag decals for the correct aircraft (XZ101 (S)) Just need to scratch build a Jag ladder as theyre nowhere to be found anymore, sadly. (Image from Google.)
  7. PM returned, with much thanks. Forgot to mention I have the MA72138 sheet completely spare, missed the 1/72 reference when I replied. Would that be of use to you? I am only building 1/48 here and I got it to work out drawing and printing my own decals in 1/48. As such, I have the painting guides etc already, so no worries at all there, likewise re the individual decals, thats all perfectly fine, thanks. Saves me a bit of work drawing the rest of the decals up working from the 1/72 sheet. :) Thanks again, and do please let me know if I can help you out in return. Rob :)
  8. I have a spare Model Alliance MA48122 sheet thats rather hard to find nowadays if thats any use to you? Let me know or I'll start hitting you with PMs! ;)
  9. Thanks, Brandon. Theres another one almost complete - its a Royal Navy affair with a pair of "shouldnt be on it" Exocets, just because they look good. :) The idea with the Phantoms is to have at least one each of the UKs F, G and R versions with relevant stuff hanging off them and an assortment of colour schemes. Same goes for Jags and 104s, but will take me a while!
  10. Sounds like you have a plan! More than happy to help with it if required.
  11. Hi Duncan, thats great, many thanks for the reply and kind offer, much appreciated. What bits are you looking for in regards a trade? Take it to PMs with ideas if youd prefer. Hi there, Brian. It would be great if you did make some covers for these. Theres still many a model of them out there and the "fit" of the engine ducting leaves a little be desired/covered up. The Twomikes set included intake and exhaust covers, neither being all that complicated to make up (unless youre me ;)/> ) the exhaust is just a disc with some detail, basically. If you need any images to help, I have a lo
  12. Thanks. Its a bit "brighter" in the photos than in the flesh - thats me with a poor camera and skills I think (hope). Washes are a new thing for me, I have experimented on some WIP builds and a Starfighter that Ive finished and I think youre right. I may come back to it one day and have a go.
  13. Hi. I am really struggling to find the following and would very much appreciate any help in obtaining them: 1. 1/48 Su-25 Frogfoot FOD covers. I know Twomikes made early and late sets of these, but theyre not to be found in stock anywhere it seems. If anyone has a spare set of either, or knows of some for sale somewhere, I would be very grateful if they could get in touch. 2. 1/48 Indian Air Force Jaguar decals (the IM, Agave nosed, anti shipping version in particular) In an ideal world I would really like the Model Alliance 48138 decal set as that would set me up for my whole Jaguar col
  14. Hi. I couldnt find an intro section so thought the next best thing would be to post a completed model and get some feedback. Its the Revell reboxing that Im sure you all know of and I built it to get back into modelling and play with one of those new fangled airbrush things. Its OOB with Eduard cockpit and belts PE. Ladders and RBF bits are ongoing to make it part of a diorama showing the 2 Squadron change over day onto the Jaguar. But heres the model itself for now. Its not without its flaws, one glaring one given the diorama and date that its supposed to represent. Thought
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