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  1. I'm really enjoying playing Silent Hunter, Rise of Flight and DCS. I also like strategy games from Paradox such as Victoria and Hearts of Iron.
  2. Apparently the pilot was a former Sikorsky president. RIP :( https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/former-sikorsky-president-killed-in-p-51d-crash-421671/
  3. I sent an email to them couple months ago asking about this, but no response until now.
  4. I'm confused, wasn't AMK just released a MiG-31 kit like a month ago?
  5. wow the details are amazing! great work MoFo.
  6. wow this is a very precious website! thanks for sharing with us Finn.
  7. A Bridge Too Far is one of the best war movies i've seen. i can literally watch it so many times and not get tired of it.
  8. how do you guys distinguish between MiG-21 and Chengdu J-7? they look exactly the same to me.
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