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  1. That paint job is awesome and I love the colour scheme!
  2. Thanks! Seamless intakes fitted very nicely, once fitted I did a tiny bit of sanding but that was it. @my favs are F`s thanks for the kind words
  3. Thank you! The rear doors were quite easy just a little bit of drying fitting was needed but the front gear doors were quite a pain in the backside!! I had to do a lot of dry fitting and using some the left over plastic I made some supports so the doors didn't fall into the bays whilst gluing.
  4. Thanks guys! @TBP1538 regarding the seatbelts....a few hairs went grey in the process I'm not going to lie! There was a few times I felt like I had over done the centreline tank but when it all came together I was happy with it!
  5. Hi Everyone I present to you a VFA-143 inflight display from the 2006/2007 cruise. Aftermarket bits used were fightertown decals, aires ejection seat, two mikes seamless intakes and attack squadron GBU-38's. Had a bit of difficulty strapping the pilot into the seat using the PE but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Painted using Mr Hobby and Tamiya paint and weathered with oils and powders. Will take some better photos when the sun is out!
  6. Stunning as usual! Particular love the weathering on the tail
  7. Fantastic looking bird! And i completely agree with you about that gunze insignia white!
  8. Great work! I wish I could produce something like that.......and to do it in 2/3 weeks!!
  9. Thanks I'll have a look at the weapons set.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for 1/48 gbu-38's by wolfpack or shull24, I know they are OOP but hoping to get lucky! If anyone has any I would be very interested in getting them. Thanks Greg
  11. Thanks everyone. Yes it was a good kit overall but some bits went together quite poorly. I have just started on a Hasegawa E and I was impressed with the landing gear bays on the revell compared to the hase.
  12. I present to you my second completed model, a 1/48 F/A-18F VFA-154. A few dodgy seam lines as I kind of rushed the assembly to get to the painting stage as I was doing this as a test run for a few hornet projects I want to do. Mr hobby paints were used with a MIG panel line wash and pigments for weathering. Hope you like it.
  13. I would say you won the battle, very nice
  14. Thank you for your kind words people :D I do think my iphone camera has smoothed out the paint job, small hairs and bits bit of dirt have been caught in the paint. That is something I need to work on, should I wash or sand the model in between coats? Thanks! Yep they are the kit decals, didn't want to go and potentially ruin some nice aftermarket decals on my first attempt. I thought that as well about the white. The decals are quite thick and required a lot of help to settle down Thank you! I just went with the instructions. It was mr hobby paints and i think it was H315
  15. Nice, really like this scheme
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