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  1. Finally got all the bits and bobs done. Cheers, John
  2. Something interesting about this .303 platform, is that a similar version of it was used on the Rhodesian Bell 205 "Cheetah". It was mounted inside the cabin on a rotating platform, but very few photos available of it. I only managed to find these 4 poor photos after hours of searching. And just found this nice one 🙂
  3. Thanks Tank 🙂 We're still under level 4 lockdown, and they're now allowing local e-commerce only so far. Quite frustrating, considering building models keeps one indoors...
  4. Hey guys, It's been a loooong time since my last visit to this thread. Finished this project back in 2018. Don, I have to agree. Besides the odd shape of the Fujimi kit, the scale is 1/50 and therefore too small for the 1/48 gunship conversion. I'll send you a PM 😉 I have also recently made the Rhodesian Alouette III twin .303 Browning G-Car conversion. Cheers,
  5. Wow, that's some work on such a tiny helicopter! 😀 Looking forward to seeing this one finished.
  6. Excellent work Oliver, as usual 😉 Wow, didn't expect all this work for a diorama, but it's going to look awesome! 👌
  7. Did you receive yours already? If so, what is the width of the main rotor blades?
  8. I did start with the masters last year, but haven't finished them yet.
  9. Not quite true, the upturned exhaust system and composite main rotor blades have been available for a while 😉
  10. Thanks man, The 1/48 Alouette III was really hard to scratch build, and if I ever decide to tackle the Alouette III in a larger scale, it'll be 1/32 though 😉
  11. Hi Tank, sorry for the late reply... That makes sense. I never posted a pic of the resin parts, so here we go. Cheers, John
  12. Sleepy, I agree with you, but the plea has been out there for decades, but no joy. That's why I took the opportunity to do something about it with the 208a, 208b, AC208b and now the Amphibian conversion in 1/72 scale. A resin kit is all I can offer.
  13. Thanks guys, it won't be a quick build, but I hope to have this done by September this year...
  14. Wow, this thread is old... and I didn't realize it's been this long since I started on the 208B... I did manage to complete scratch building the amphibian conversion for the Cessna 208A and 208B last year 🙂 Getting the shape right on the floats was quite tricky. Here's some pics of the progress to the final set. Cheers, John
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