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  1. I saved another human beings life today.. what have you done?

  2. i'm just curious about the people who do NOT want the multi-part wings with the slats/flaps/spoilers... do you fall into one or a combination of the following categories?: a) older b ) are clumsy with their hands/fingers c) have poor vision d) lazy e) not very skilled in modelling f) cheap g) have a short attention span h) not very imaginative
  3. 100% agree.. most likely pick up 4 or 5 either way.. if i end up liking the AMK one better, i'll offload the Tam ones
  4. i don't know why you are even wasting time asking about it.. return them ASAP before the seller changes their mind. it obviously sounds like you don't have a genuine product.
  5. i think people just like having an option.. with a single piece wing, you can only build it one way.. with a multi-piece wing, you can build it two different ways. it's like women! i like the pretty ones... some people are fine with plain janes.. to each their own! :D
  6. definitely VF-84 and that VF-33 scheme looks great too!
  7. doubt they would as well.. just saying if it WAS an option, i wouldnt mind spending extra monies
  8. oops, i meant the dirty wing set as an extra and separate kit like the weapon set was originally planned for..
  9. i guess the best solution would be to include a set of regular wings with the kit, and then have an additional set with slats/flaps for those that wish to get down and dirty.. i wouldn't mind paying the extra cash
  10. i definitely want to build my tomcats with flaps and slats down and dirty! dunno why, but this pic looks so awesome..
  11. yessssss! any news on the F-15 book?!
  12. and what happened to the poll for decals/schemes?! :woot.gif:/>
  13. Can't wait! Got my dream job.. if AMK's Tomcat is as good as the hype, I'm definitely buying a case of them! So what's that, like 24?
  14. you are correct, Darren.. i noticed it too when i first saw the pics but just assumed it was the camera angle or something.
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