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  1. Looks to be! Much better on initial inspection than Hasegawa, old Kinetic and the work needed to backdate a Tamiya C. Needs little mods to be the base kit plastic ((there's no way anyone I think can tool an F-16 base kit to take account for all the major and minor differences through the Blocks) and a few parts like smaller tailerons, early ECS etc... All I've done is quickly looked at the MLU sprues though so I don't want to be definitive on anything until I build it honestly. Plus, I'm no Viper expert for sure, just backdated a few Tamiya C's and know the work involved and apprec
  2. Yep, well many other small differences too but these small mods to the plastic itself will be down to us. I was more referring to additional plastic parts needed rather than mini backdating mods to the parts already in the kit.
  3. I got my kit today, it looks on the whole very good on the sprues. Having spent ages previously backdating the Tamiya C a few times to F-16A Block 1 and 5 standard, an OOB decent F-16A is something I've been waiting for, for a long time! The fact it doesn't include MLU plates is, in my opinion, not the story here at all. At last a decent F-16A in 1/48 from the box. Shapewise it looks very similar to the Tamiya kit on initial inspection, I won't comment on proper shape accuracy until I build it however and can form a proper opinion. I have noticed a few things that migh
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for one, and if I can two options off this Two Bobs Navy F-16 sheet: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev1/501-600/Rev590-TwoBobs72029/00.shtm I'm searching for primarily for 'Blue 50' but also 'Sand 51' in the sand camo if possible. Long shot know! 🙂 I have in my collection Two Bobs 72-069 with the options to trade and some off the 1/48 NSAWC Viper sheets to trade for those willing to swap options. I have lots of other things to trade also. Thanks for looking, David
  5. Ok cool! Would love to see it when completed. My initial plan was using a combo of the Monogram FSD nose and Esci F-5 needle nose, tricky work, but fortunately I have managed to track down an Arii kit which makes things much more simple. The Arii kit really captures the forward fuselage and LERX well, after trying to modify the Hasegawa forward fuselage I realised there is a lot more too it, the whole YF-16 forward fuselage is different to the F-16 in many ways and only the Arii kit actually gets it right imho. After doing a lot of cutting and photo comparison
  6. Ah ok I understand, nice technique! Do you have photos of the completed model? Thanks Habu for the further info! Ok, got you on the main gear bay. It was one of the reasons I did, then didn't start with the Hasegawa kit. Whilst it has the shortened bay, it's 10 inch length deficiency throughout the fuselage was making it difficult to determine where to make another shortening to make a proportional YF, you would just make a short kit even shorter, so a YF in proportion to the Hasegawa kit but not reality, I dunno, I found it difficult to determine where to ch
  7. Thank you Dinosaur for those images, that is I think where the shortening happened. How did you make the nose? Is it the Otaki/Arii kit nose or modified from a base kit? Your YF-16 looks excellent! Check this video at 3.04 Kevin Renshaw mentions part of the 10 inch extension was in the extending of the main gear bay 4 inches forward. He had to cut Blk1-30 gear doors down by 4 inches from the front to get them to fit the bay. So that means the 10 inches must have been added to fuselage right at the front of the main gear bay. Also, interestingly he has i
  8. Hello guys, I'm currently converting the Tamiya 1/48 F-16C into YF-16 number 2 but I'm a little confused to where and by how much the fuselage was extended between the YF and production versions. I have this general drawing linked from this zone five YF thread (from the Aerograph I book), and also one in the detail and scale book (I don't have permission to share but is the same, just the entire top view) that is similar. Then I watched this youtube restoration video of YF-16 number 2. At the 3.25 mark you can see where a 10
  9. Hi guys, I'm on the lookout for Caracal Models 48160 F-16 Viper early years decal sheet. Or at least the decals needed for the Cloud YF-16 scheme. I'm willing to trade Two Bobs 48-069 NSAWC Vipers for a set or work out a combo trade. Thanks for looking, David
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for one of the options from the Two Bobs NSAWC Vipers 1/48 scale 48-069, the desert camo F-16A '51'. I would purchase the whole sheet if available but that is probably a long long shot! I have plenty of stuff (especially Vipers) to trade also if that would work better than payment. Thanks for looking, David
  11. Wow beautiful work and details, the cockpit and canopy details just look fantastic. How did you make the canopy so clear? Is it polish or a dip in future? Cheers David
  12. Thanks Habu! Hi Bill, sure, I've tried to send you a message but apparently I cannot? Not sure if messages are blocked?
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