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  1. Hi, Thank you for your help! Preferably I'm looking for a complete sheet for the Swedish aircrafts (The Hungarian option does not interest me) but if not available one section for a Swedish aircraft would be great. Cheers, David
  2. Hi guys, I've been searching for 'Two Bobs, 72-052 Rippen Gripens' to build an early Swedish Gripen in 1/72 for ages with no luck. Does anybody have a spare copy they are willing to sell/trade or at least a part sheet for a Swedish aircraft? Scalemates link: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/twobobs-aviation-graphics-72-052-jas-39--191396 Thank you for looking and any help anybody can offer. Cheers, David edit: I'm in the UK and can pay via PayPal.
  3. Thats a beautiful Mig, really well done. The painting of the nozzles is amazing too, they look real!
  4. Thank you again for all the great info guys, a gem of a thread imho! :cheers:/> Now I have to figure out how I'll sort the Hasegawa wings to a sweep something like this: http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/General-Dynamics-F-111E/1652775/L/&sid=36d645e8daa61e5b7802b49d4a6f7aed rather than full sweep : http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/General-Dynamics-F-111E/2606834/L/&sid=36d645e8daa61e5b7802b49d4a6f7aed
  5. Thank you for answering my questions guys, really much appreciated! Hope I'm not drifting the thread too much! On the theme of the nuke alert load. What would be the configuration of the aircraft waiting in the hanger? Would the wings be forward and flaps/slats out? Would any intake covers or FOD/probe guards/rbf tags be on the aircraft/weapons? I would image not and it would be just that, alert and ready to go with wings deployed for takeoff. Cheers, David.
  6. Great info here, I too am building an UH E jet armed for nuke strike with the 1/72 Hasegawa kit. Not sure if they ever were armed ready and waiting like this but I wanted to build it regardless. So I have B-61s for station 4,5, fuel tanks on 3,6 and the ALQ 131 on the underside rear. Only I'm unsure whether aim-9s would be loaded for this mission? I would guess no but then in Desert Storm I believe they were carried early on. Thanks for any help David.
  7. wow that is a brilliant 104, excellent model! Can I ask which colours you used? They look very accurate.
  8. I have tried the Xtracolor examples myself and both seem way off to my eye! Just my opinion of course but I ended up mixing my own. Xtracolors examples seem to be a very grey and faded example, new jets the blue is really quite blue and the grey has no green as done by xtracolor. Of course I could just have a rubbish batch of paint!
  9. ah ok, sorry my knowledge on these jets/systems is pretty rubbish! What are these internal systems? Quite interested in how they still would be passive (-133 can be FLIR guidance IIRC or just simply TFR) opposed to TFR in other low level profiles. Also would these internal systems be on Block 30 or 40 Barak jets? Yep thats my findings too. When the blk 40 was introduced, especially for all weather night attack ability, it seems odd the IDF didn't take up (or were not allowed) the full capability available to these jets.
  10. So only the AAQ-14 target pod, not the AAQ-13 Nav pod preventing low level night attack? As I understand it both together are classified as LANTIRN, singular pods designated respectively. So IDF Baraks do not use the LANTIRN system, only the targeting pods.
  11. I have one more question :D , can IDF Block 30 or 40 jets carry the AN/AAQ-13 nav pod for low level night attack? Also the HUD of their Block 40 jets seems not to be the WAR one so I guess maybe not? I have only seen targeting pods on these IDF jets bar the Sufa, though I have never seen a night photo of a Barak so cannot be sure they were non existent in IDF inventory in the late 80's-early 90's timeframe. Makes me wonder why not, seems to take away a significant capability of the jet when initially received. Thanks again :) David.
  12. Guys thank you so much for the information, greatly appreciated :thumbsup:/> Hoops-Thank so much for the great info! :) Andre-It is in 1/72 with a Hase/Revell kit bash + some scratch likely. Roughly around about here atm, Netz-Again super info, thank you! cheers guys, exactly what I needed :worship:/> , David
  13. ah wrong forum! Doh! Mods can you please delete? TIA, David.
  14. Hi guys, I have a few F-16 questions that I cannot find a definitive answer on the net,maybe some of you could help me out? :)/> 1. I am currently building a Block 30 F-16D IDF Barak. I am unsure on the following; a-Which were the first few squadrons using the Barak? The one with the lightning bolt on the tail IIRC. I want to model an early jet, maybe 1-2 years after delivery so not sure which ones were operated. b-Just checking on the ECM/antenna fit of the Blk30 D Barak. So far I know the modified ones either side of the front nose area, also the larger light fittings either side of the intake, the associated spine intakes/scoops. I am not sure however of the square panels located on the exhaust shroud area. Were these fitted early on, or Block 40 jets onwards? Are there any more I am missing? c-Were the lANTIRN pods fitted in the mid-late eighties? Or just limited to 'dumb' ordinance? Or is it block 40 jets onwards. d-Do they use the Heavy weight gear and bulged MLG doors? 2. Also I am building a Sufa, can this carry the Sniper pod? Or is it just the Nav pod and Lightning II target pod? Also are the Aim-120's only B and not C variant? 3. Finally I heard the Netz aircraft in Operation Opera had their Star of David overpainted with camo colours, is this true? Makes sense maybe ;)/> . I know it is a lot of questions but having read through some threads already some of you guys have a huge knowledge of the F-16, and IDF jets, and I would greatly appreciate any info/help on them :)/> Best regards and thank you in advance, David.
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