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  1. Should be dark sea gray instead of medium sea gray, and the underside light gray is incorrect. It should be silver or a silver dope color, ei. not natural metal.
  2. Why not use Tamiya thin cement? Both parts are plastic… just be careful and don’t overdo it. The clear plastic won’t fog if you’re careful.
  3. Are you sure all German Mk. 6 had the Martin Baker seat? I don’t think they did, only some…
  4. Which Version? Hasegawa pretty much has the market cornered for 1/48 second generation Harriers.
  5. Not even for a Luftwaffe Mk. 6 using above pictured decals?
  6. Yes. Use that kit for a Mk. 6 only. It should include resin wingtips and a new pitot tube. You still need to fill in the fuselage pane lines as mentioned.
  7. Yeah and they’re 3D printed for god sake. Not like the masters were carved by hand. Wonder what their cost per unit is?
  8. I’ve actually always loved Aires’ approach of a multi-layered photo etch instrument panel and acetate sheet for the dials. No other manufacturer does this anymore. I think it’s way better than color photo etch even though it requires some detail painting. I do hate their generic approach to resin cockpit tubs that never fit and require so much effort to fit. I’ve always thought some resin side panels would be nice for kits such as Tamiya’s f-14 and F-4, which are made for separate plastic parts anyway. So I do agree to an extent, time for Aires to update its business model somewhat.
  9. Yes Sandown the upper wing bulges and remove all the Navy style under wing antennas
  10. You can make a C from the B kit, but you will have to make sure you have the correct camera fairing, the correct Stabilators, and the correct exhaust cans. I still think you need aftermarket wheels. Also I believe you’ll have to modify the nose gear door and fill in the Navy refueling probe door and add the AF one. You also need an aftermarket cockpit for an F-4C. So lots of little things still need to be addressed depending on your need for accuracy.
  11. Is it the neo? I believe the white color is like a water based white glue additive to help with decal adhesion.
  12. No antennas for the nose or bottom of the intake, also missing correct instrument panel?, how about proper chaff/flares? Spotlight?
  13. I’d say less and less with each new F-4 kit released
  14. Depends on how picky you are. I’ve built all the brands mentioned, and cannot fathom how anyone could say that Hasegawa is the easiest build. It has many lumps and bumps and antennas to sand away to even remotely resemble the model F-4 you want to build, not to mention the brittle plastic and the always broken off fuel dump post that is rattling around somewhere in the box. The top spine seam can be problematic, especially for beginner modelers. I’d say Meng hands down for ease of build. The one piece fuselage is quick and easy, and the separate vertical tail can be added after painting. There
  15. Center rack would carry bombs or rockets, or a TER. I see nothing in that set for the center of F-4B inner pylon on
  16. I have the same kit and don’t see how that matters?
  17. That’s the ultimate cockpit! Nice job. But wow, that’s got to be over $50 right there!!?
  18. “Late” boxing includes resin pitot tubes and blade type antennas, but do not include exact placement instructions, so check your references carefully. Also of note, no mention of installing the supplied rotating beacon clear parts, and only one type of nosewheel is supplied, so again, check references.
  19. Never mind, I see in stock on your website! I must have completely missed it! Thanks and ordered.
  20. Sorry, I should have been more clear, this sheet is out of stock everywhere, just wondering if you plan on a general re- print? Thanks
  21. Will this sheet be re printed for the new Academy kit?
  22. Forgot to mention Doug at Royal Resin, he makes lots of great phantom updates as well
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