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  1. Awesome work on a unique subject. Welcome back! -co
  2. Nice job! Fantastic collection you have there. -co
  3. Good comparison of the 2 kits. Nice camo! -co
  4. Hi folks, A few pics of the cockpits before I close them up. Interior wise, I'm happy with the level of detail and fit of both kits. Airfix pilot painted up. Basic construction done. I've done 2 rounds of puttying and sanding on the Airfix thus far and only the first round on the Hasegawa with more to come. I found the level of work required on both kits to be similar. Both needed care to minimise steps when gluing. Both had gaps in the wing roots that required some putty. The worst area on both kits were the "knees" where the landing gear housing juts out in front of the wings. These needed plenty of blending but sanding was tricky given the tight confines of the wing roots. Here's the combined progress. Thanks for dropping in. Happy Modelling! -co
  5. That turned out beautifully! I can't see any of the issues you've described, only a fantastic result. I'm glad you finished it. -co
  6. Nice work Gianni. I'm enjoying this WIP. -co
  7. Excellent comparison! I enjoyed the detailed writeup. Nice tiger too 👍 -co
  8. Nice progress. That was a great save with the paint crazing issue. She's looking good! -co
  9. Gosh, that looks like a lot of quality elbow grease! I admire your tenacity for powering through the issues one by one. I'm not sure if I would have been able to keep going after that last issue with attaching the wrong panels. Keep up the great job! -co
  10. Small update. Since Hasegawa doesn't provide any figures in the box, I made some seatbelts to dress up the seat. Airfix does provide a pilot and he'll get to occupy the seat inflight. He's not sharply detailed but since I don't have a suitable substitute, he'll have to do. Here're the 2 cockpits painted up. Mr Color's C351 Zinc Chromate Type 1 (FS34151) and Tamiya's Dark Brown Panel Line Accent Color were the main colors used. Details were picked out using Citadel paints. Airfix's instrument decal fit perfectly and settled down nicely. Hasegawa also provides instrument decals but unfortunately, they shattered when I tried to apply them. Some spare Airscale instrument decals were used instead. While the side panels on the Airfix are slightly more detailed, they come with some flash on the frames that need to be removed. Airfix provides some cockpit placards while Hasegawa does not. I used some Airscale placards to dress up the Hasegawa side panels. The pic also provides a good view of the parts that makeup the Hasegawa fuselage. -co
  11. Thanks for hosting yet another group build Kurt! It is nice to have the option of many variants but gosh, it is a chore. That's some great info! Thanks for stopping by guys!
  12. Finally painted up some Verlinden carrier deck figures I bought 30 years ago. (1/48) -co
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