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  1. Hi Pete, That is an incredible project! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it. Awesome. Good information on the kapton and the radiator. And the half round antenna should be quite easily deleted. Also your links to Vincent's and Paul's websites will prove to be very useful indeed. So much good stuff there! It was really helpful of you to take the time to put together all that. Thank you very much! -co
  2. Awesome work Vincent. Really next level stuff! -co
  3. Hello everyone! I've been blocking in the basic colors of the ascent stage. With zero understanding of the logic behind the differing colors, I just stuck to what the online references said. It was all a little overwhelming so I painted one section at a time, making for slow progress. I used a lot of masking tape. The greenish gray anodized aluminum proved a little tricky to pin down. I settled for an equal mix of Mr Hobby's C11 and C315. I also used Tamiya's Nato Black and Alclad's Dark Aluminum. Here it is partially painted. The part on the left attaches behind the main bit on the right. With the main colors completed, I couldn't resist posing it on the descent stage. The uplock struts have also been attached to the legs. View of the starboard rear quarter. And port side forward quarter. There's plenty left to do. Thanks for dropping in folks! -co
  4. CaptainObvious


    She looks great! Really nice. I'm glad you decided not to flight test her. -co
  5. Looking at the result, all that hard work and perseverance sure paid off. Nice work Collin. -co
  6. There's nothing wrong with the canopy and the exhaust that I can see. The overall finish is beautiful and the base really ties it all together. Nice photography to show it all off too. Level 11 mate! -co
  7. I just saw that. Fantastic idea and execution! At the same time I bought this, they also had a CSM on sale for the same $20. I foolishly exercised "self discipline" and left it behind. In the subsequent years they became impossible to find. I've only just recently manage to buy their 50th anniversary repop for $50. You've gotta grab them when you see them! Just don't tell the wife. Glad to have you along CJ!
  8. What a fantastic display Mike! In my favourite scale too. Awesome having them all together for a size comparison. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I have a dragon CSM on way and a hunt on for the other 2. -co
  9. Thanks for the kind words Mike! Is your build posted here too? My apologies Pete! I really wanted to join the GB but work really got in the way. Thanks for dropping in with those words of encouragement. I'm so happy you're along for the ride. I know next to nothing about the LM but am amazed at what NASA and those incredible folks who worked there achieved. How did they get to the moon and back in this tin can held together with tape??? -co
  10. Fantastic cockpit Steve! I really like what you did with the wooden floor. -co
  11. Beautiful freehand camo George. Very nice. -co
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