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  1. Looks flawless to me. I'm glad you listened to your wife 😅 -co
  2. That cockpit turned out nice. Those finemolds seatbelts really dressed up the seats. -co
  3. Whoa. This is excellent work all around. The cockpit is real nice. The metal finish is gorgeous! Dealing with decal carrier film is my biggest hesitation with doing bare metal schemes but there is not a hint of it anywhere. Absolutely flawless decal work. How did you manage that? -co
  4. Nice job Kurt. They both turned out really well. The concluding write up was very informative. -co
  5. That metal finish is FANTASTIC! Could you provide some information on how it was achieved? -co
  6. I give the older Hasegawa kit a slight edge.
  7. Concluding with some of personal thoughts, The Airfix kit is easier to build with great decals. However, the plastic is softer and the details less crisp compared to the Hasegawa. Other minor cons include missing prominent panels and inaccurate roundels. The Hasegawa has nicer surface details and the harder plastic imparts sharper features. However, the fussy multi part fuselage and unusable decals are big negatives. None of the negatives are show stoppers. They both cost about the same and in the end, both kits build into good scale representati
  8. Hi folks, I managed to get the second one done. She's weathered pretty much the same way as the previous completion. The flight stand is from Hasegawa. -co
  9. That's nice, neat work. Weathering is just right and your pictures show off your work really well. -co
  10. That turned out really nice! -co
  11. What a huge project! 4 at once 😵 Fantastic, quality work too. I'm glad you fixed the canopy issue. I totally empathise with not being able to unsee certain things. -co
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