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  1. Awesome work on the landing gear Steve! The extra detail sure does look good. -co
  2. Wow! When you say faded, you really commit! Nice job brave Janne. -co
  3. Awesome progress! The weathering looks really convincing. -co
  4. I really like the look of these colors on the F-16. Nice job! -co
  5. That's yuge!!! Nicely done too! I really like the look of these classic bikes. -co
  6. The project is looking great. The addition of the figure really gives some sense of scale. I do hope you start to feel better soon. -co
  7. Another vote for the 3 color scheme!
  8. Fantastic execution! It really looks like part of the star wars universe. Could totally have been a movie prop. -co
  9. Very nice finish Mario. Masking those canopy frames must've been a nightmare at this scale. -co
  10. Another nice one Michael! She looks convincingly battle-worn. -co
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