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  1. I give the older Hasegawa kit a slight edge.
  2. Concluding with some of personal thoughts, The Airfix kit is easier to build with great decals. However, the plastic is softer and the details less crisp compared to the Hasegawa. Other minor cons include missing prominent panels and inaccurate roundels. The Hasegawa has nicer surface details and the harder plastic imparts sharper features. However, the fussy multi part fuselage and unusable decals are big negatives. None of the negatives are show stoppers. They both cost about the same and in the end, both kits build into good scale representati
  3. Hi folks, I managed to get the second one done. She's weathered pretty much the same way as the previous completion. The flight stand is from Hasegawa. -co
  4. That's nice, neat work. Weathering is just right and your pictures show off your work really well. -co
  5. That turned out really nice! -co
  6. What a huge project! 4 at once 😵 Fantastic, quality work too. I'm glad you fixed the canopy issue. I totally empathise with not being able to unsee certain things. -co
  7. Hi all, I hope that everyone is keeping well through these testing times. On the positive side, I do find a bit more time for modelling. Here's the first one completed. Weathering was done with tamiya smoke and weathering pastels. Some chipping done with sponge and silver pencil. One more to go. -co
  8. Kurt, That sounds like a very difficult time. My sincere condolences to you and your family. -co
  9. I second what The Underdog said. Really great modelling in action! -co
  10. Hi all, Another 2 weeks gone and time for an update. I've been painting the markings with a masking set and this is how it turned out. This is my first time doing using masks and I'm not really sure if I prefer it to decals. It was time consuming to line up the masks and to ensure they didn't distort during application. And I still ended up with ridges even though care was taken to apply paint in thin layers. I protected the markings with some gloss, then sanded that to get rid of the ridges. This was followed by some tamiya panel accent and a matt coat.
  11. Hi all, Just a short update on the progress. Decals done. The airfix decals were very nice. Unfortunately, someone pointed out that the roundels should have 12 points instead of the 11 that Airfix printed. After that, I just couldn't unsee the error and had them replaced with Kitsworld's version. Besides having the correct number of points, the replacements were not accurate either. The blue is a bit too dark and the roundel is just slightly too big. They did settle down nicely though. I sealed the decals with clear, then panel lined with Tamiya's accent liners. Finally, I g
  12. Thanks Kurt. I sliced the 3mm tape in half as I found it hard to curve otherwise. Thanks Thadeus. I love the P-40's too! In particular, I prefer the B variant with the smaller intakes. Makes for nicer lines.
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