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  1. Fantastic job! Very convincing overall finish 👍
  2. Hi snichols, Thank you for your encouraging words. Your LM projects are amazing! I got burnt out doing this simple project so I can't imagine the commitment required to get to that level of your LMs. Really awesome stuff!
  3. Thank you for your very kind words Pete! Your postings played no small part in this project. I do find spaceflight facinating. I've read many books, watched numerous documentaries and movies. This was what lead me to start this project. Little did I know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Looking at the numerous, sometimes conflicting references and trying to make sense of it all left me overwhelmed. As can be seen from the length of time it took, I got a little burnt out. Working in short spurts at this bear of a kit, it eventually crawled to completion. D
  4. Hi all, This took me a while but I'm glad it got done. It's not accurate by any measure but it looks somewhat like a lander from 3 feet away. Thanks for looking 🙂 -co
  5. Looks flawless to me. I'm glad you listened to your wife 😅 -co
  6. That cockpit turned out nice. Those finemolds seatbelts really dressed up the seats. -co
  7. Whoa. This is excellent work all around. The cockpit is real nice. The metal finish is gorgeous! Dealing with decal carrier film is my biggest hesitation with doing bare metal schemes but there is not a hint of it anywhere. Absolutely flawless decal work. How did you manage that? -co
  8. Nice job Kurt. They both turned out really well. The concluding write up was very informative. -co
  9. That metal finish is FANTASTIC! Could you provide some information on how it was achieved? -co
  10. I give the older Hasegawa kit a slight edge.
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