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  1. Pretty much comes down to who bids. Only a small handful of chapters are bidding and none of them are from the great lakes area these days.
  2. Vallejo works only with Vallejo products, Vallejo Airbrush thinner and Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver. Vallejo is a vinyl based acrylic and it only works with product formulated specifically for it. As a vinyl based paint it has low adhesion and will lift easily if applied directly to plastic and apply Tamiya Tape or similar to it. It's a requirement that a primer be used. Vallejo's primer works well but a neutral gray Tamiya paint will work well as a primer coat as well. With a primer coat applied Vallejo becomes surprisingly hardy and can be masked over. To attempt to use other thinners i
  3. Silly Putty works great when it's new but over time it looses plasticity. When applied to a model itlll hold for a few minutes but then potentially lift or pop off all together. Elmer's tack seems to last forever. I've used the same "clump" for many years now. In fact I keep it in the Silly Putty Egg that once had Sully Putty I've long since thrown out.
  4. I'd say the same as modelingbob. For me I find either Elmer's tack or Poster Tack by Scotch 3M works well and hold their shape and position. Don't get the .99 cent stuff as it will leave a residue.
  5. At the 2016 IPMS Nationals in Columbia they announced the winning bids for 2017 (Phoenix) AND 2018 (Chattanooga). They said that's what what they were going to do in advance for the benefit of those submitting bids and followed through with it. At the 2017 Nationals in Omaha, there was no announcement of any kind as there were no bids for 2020 at that time. So do the math. The attempt WAS made to push out to 3 years but when no one bids it defeats the concept.
  6. Yes, That is correct, they "were" trying to do that. In 2016 at the Columbia, SC Nats they announced Phoenix and Chattanooga the same night for 2018 and 2019 respectively. However, at the Omaha Nats last year, there were zero bids for 2020. There were rumors that Omaha was politicking the IPMS board for 2021 but that's unconfirmed and no announcement was made for 2021. Whether Omaha gets it or not, we won't know until the banquet in Chattanooga next year.
  7. Already talk about. A lot of transient hotels in the area, Austin and San Antonio are close for activities.
  8. Omaha, twice in 3 years??? Might happen in 4 years.
  9. No bids for 2021. Pushing out to 3 years didn't work. There were no bids for 2020 last year. So back to 2 years ahead.
  10. San Marcos Texas. For those of you not up to speed, 2019 is in Chattanooga, TN.
  11. This isn't about a tool or tip. I'm intending this to be a joke. This isn't about researching a modeling subject nor do I believe this is an FAQ. So what you are telling me is ARC has no appropriate forum for this type of discussion. Got it, I can see now why sites like this and Hyperscale are dying off.
  12. I know we're talkin Phoenix in August but I'd thought there'd be some chatter here. On my way to LA and then a 6 hour drive to Phoenix on Tuesday.
  13. Do you know if he was assigned a specific aircraft? There were far more pilots than F-86s. Even if he did have an assigned 86 he wouldn't have flown it exclusively. A single F-86 could do as many as 4 fighter sweeps up north in a day with a different pilot each time. My dad flew his 100 missions with the 4th FIW, 336th FIS out of Kempo. While was assigned an F-86A, a MiG killer and one of the last to leave Korea in October of 1952, my dad flew many of the famous F-86Es such as El Deoblo, Ohio Mike and Honest John (Bud Maherin's 86). Maherin was flying an 86A when he got shot down
  14. I can't make it this year due to the IPMS Nationals dates. However Grex Airbrush will be back this year at Oshkosh. Hangar B, almost the same spot as last year.
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