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  1. Hi! Looking for the B-58 Hustler Full Meal Deal 1/48 (link below) http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/b-58-hustler-full-meal-deal-148?tid=4 and LonestarModels LSM 480344 Full 3 B-58 place cockpit set (see pic attached) Price which can be interesting for you.
  2. Anybody received a response? I don't know why but I'm still have not.
  3. I sent pm. Do you have a problem with reading? Did you see it?
  4. Does anybody know - is HobbyDecal still in business? I tried to buy some stuff from this site but unsuccessful: no any reply from owner. Thanks. Igor
  5. Perfect!! I have no another words... Igor
  6. Absolutely! And I have two cockpits and two wheels kits from TD. And even one nozzles kit! So I'm going to build two models - SR-71 and YF-12A. But still looking for nozzles and Tally Ho' meshes.
  7. Thanks. I saw and made bids. But unfortunately it's gone (( My YF-12 drives me crazy: it's not a hobby, it's a robbery...
  8. Not actual now. 2. Thanks a lot to rom and his friend - I've already been have Isra Decal IAF-39 1/32 F-4Е Рhantom Stencils! =============== 1. All needed for Black Birds have been found! Giant thanks to phantomfan for the Afterburner decals for SR-71 and YF-12 !!
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