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  1. Hello Everyone, The build is a MIG29SMT built into an Indian Air Force MIG29UPG taking off on a Wet Runway with Glowing Afterburners. The kit used is a Trumpeter MIG29SMT in 1/72 size. Most of the work done was on making the Flame look realistic enough. The flame is Clear Resin and is lit by using 2 White LEDs housed in the exhaust cans. The model is painted using the bare basic techniques of preshading and light coats of grey color to make this an IAF grey machine. Paints used were acrylics. This was a first trial run to make the Afterburner Flames, so I hope this becomes a step in producing more of such models. Do Enjoy the Build. . . Cheers . . . . 🙂
  2. Thanks Guys. . . Glad you liked it . . . Do suggest some more diorama ideas with Aircraft. . . Would love to try my hand . . .
  3. If the hole gets big. . . Then put a dab of superglue On the locating pin of the pylon and let dry. . . Now the pylon becomes friction fit
  4. Pylons Friction Fit . . . Drill a smaller hole on the wing . . As in just big enough to take the locating pin of the pylon. . . . Works for all scales IMHO . .. 🙂
  5. Hello Everyone. . . A Mig-29SMT from trumpeter in 1/72 scale. I had built this model a while back. Now I decided to put this on a base, thus the Snow Diorama. This was my first time doing a diorama, its a small one where I just had to build a Base and merely modifying the MIG I built. The modifications are : 1. Missile covers done by Paper. For the R27s and the RVVs, the paper was rolled into a cone and superglued to the missile. Thereafter it was sanded to the desired shape. For the R73s a small square was cut and just pushed on the Nose of the missile giving the shape of a cover. This looked descent enough to pass by in this scale. These were painted red finally. 2. The Engine intake cover, Upper intake cover and the engine exhaust covers are all done by this plastic sheet. I used a ball pen to get the required embossed effect on these covers. For the upper intakes the walk area was marked by using tamiya masking tape. 3. The pitot cover was done using paper again and the string was a sewing thread. 4. Wheel chocks were taken from the Zvezda Kit. All the weapons, chocks, covers are detachable and are just press fit to the aircraft. For the snow I used Cotton and Baking Soda. I hope You guys Like it. Do lemme know for all your suggestions and opinions so I improve in the Future. For the video, the initial bit is the making of the base. You can JUMP to 05:30 for the Aircraft assembly. Enjoy and Cheers . . . . 😉
  6. Hello Everyone, The Modelsvit Sukhoi 7 BMK Of the Indian Air Force No32 Sqn wearing the Striking Tigershark Scheme. The kit is built OOB. The Yellow nose was brush painted and the kit decals were used. Paints used are locally available acrylics. The kit doesn't have part numbers on the sprue so you will have to refer the kit instructions for the part numbers - a bit annoying if you are new to this kit. Also all the parts have stubby cut points on the sprue and no pins to align the parts together, eg the droptanks. The ejection seat needs to be sanded from the bottom quite heavily as the canopy wouldn't fit in closed position. Overall the kit is great for this aircraft for 1/72 scale. Enjoy the Quick Video and do Like and Subscribe and do leave comments to improve on further.
  7. Hello Guys, This is the Charge Mazda 767B, a 1/24 kit by Hasegawa. Built completely OOB and painted with locally available acrylic paints. Enjoy the Video.
  8. Hello polybebber . . . Glad that you liked it . . This is the KittyHawk kit. .
  9. Hello All, This is the KittyHawk Super Etendard kit built completely OOB. Paints used are locally available acrylics. Masking was done using my Kiddoo's Play Dooh. Few inaccuracies if I am being nit picky, do check your references for the decals and what loadout you want to use. The decals are very nice except for the flap walk markings. They are to be used if you model the aircraft with flaps up. If you choose to put the flaps down then you will have to cut the decal and then use it. The instructions don't mention anything on this. The Exocet Missile Pylon provided is not tall enough so much so that the fins touch the wings and thus cant be used without proper modification to increase the clearance. The bow in doors on the intakes are shown to be installed from the outside. IMHO I would suggest to install these from inside - gives a better fit. Overall the kit is superb with excellent details and good weapon options. Except for the few things which I noticed as mentioned. A WIP video link is attached . . do have a look . . Quick Build WIP https://youtu.be/uMH0ZP7hcOY Full Build WIP https://youtu.be/eg3m3MI_Xx0 Do Comment for me to improve upon anything. Please do Subscribe as I would be coming up with more such Builds. Enjoy The Pictures.. . .
  10. Greetings Again . . . . An OOB Build of the Kinetic F-16B NSAWC box . . . Added brake lines . . .and the Masking took time . . . In the End turned out OK . . . Enjoy the Photos. . . .
  11. The Revell Hawker Hunter in 72 size built OOB. Paints used are acrylics and a basic weathering job was done. The colors are of the aerobatic team "Thunderbolts" and belonged to No 20 Lightnings Sqn of the Indain AF. The Thunderbolts aerobatic display team was formed in 1982 in occasion of Indian Air Force Golden Jubilee. The team flew nine Hawker Hunter F.56A airplanes from the 20th Squadron, painted in dark blue and white and had the BOLTS aptly painted. Thunderbolts were disbanded in 1990. Enjoy the Photos. . . . . 😉
  12. Thank You for the inputs ..... I’ll try on my next post ..... 😉
  13. Someone please tell me an easier way to post the pictures..... 😉
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