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  1. Tower Hobbies is showing a December 2016 release date. It has been bouncing around on their site. It originally showed a late 2015, then December 2016, bumped up to November, then to April and now it's back at December. Waiting patiently..... :pray:/>
  2. I'd do the A-7K for the DC-6B if you are still interested, Chris.
  3. Just received my part of a trade with Chris and all is in great shape, packaged great! I know most of you already know this but, deal with confidence! Randie
  4. Would you be interested in trading the B-66 for the Revell BAe-146? Thanks in advance, Randie
  5. I really appreciate the help you all have given me so far. If I think of anything else I will definitely be back! :worship:/>
  6. Ooops! I thought of one other thing I intended to ask. As this is something entirely new to me, would you recommend making the cuts before or after the fuselage is assembled? Again, thanks in advance for all the help, Randie
  7. Yes it is and thanks for the information. ;-) Randie
  8. Sorry to bring up an old post but, I am in need of some assistance. I am going to be converting the Minicraft MD-80 kit to an MD-87. Kinggoalie? Would you possibly be able to tell me where to make the cuts and how much needs to be removed fore adn aft? Thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance. Randie Coulter
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