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  1. Hi guys, trying to raise some money to pay kids school trip. Bad country situation not helping at all. Free shipping to continental US. Kits are in Venezuela, I´ll ship via DHL. Need complete address and phone number. Payment can be made via PayPal or by transfer or deposit in BofA account. 1/48: Academy #12301 S-30M2 Flanker "Russian Air Force" $55 Hasegawa #PT20 F-104G Starfighter "Nato Fighter" $50 CyberHobby #5563 Ju88G-6 ´NightJager´ + Luftwaffe pilots $34 Superscale 48-62 A-7Ds ANG Bicent. $10 Xtradecal X00
  2. There is interesting information about this topic in Quora: Gilad Sabo, Israeli, said: According to IDF sources, in recent years the IAF participated in thousands preemptive attacks and intelligence gathering operations against targets in Syria, many times the Syrians have tried to intercept Israeli aircraft, more than once with the S-200[4]. They were never successful. This time the aircraft (four F-16) were attacked after destroying UAV control caravan operated by the Iranian army which sent stealth UAV (reverse engineering of the American RQ-170[5]) to infiltrat
  3. Here you are: https://www.amazon.com/Revell-Germany-force-tornado-plastic/dp/B06WWRJD7K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516151345&sr=8-1&keywords=1%2F48+tornado
  4. , Yes always 7 for me too!! I have two Academys Su-30 waiting and I'm planing to build then FAV instead of AMBV... And FYI, things are really hot here, I live near Barcelona Air Base where half of the Su-30 are based, other half is in Guarico, at the center of the country; and the violence and repression has been escalating each day. Tomorrow will be a very active day with protest and barricades all over the country. I think that the end of this nightmare is very close.
  5. NIce work Kike...but, You painted seven stars...for me is Ok. because...well other reasons, the real bird has eight...
  6. Ok Ok Ok..... Who can resist!.... I will preorder..... :bandhead2:/> :bandhead2:/>
  7. Hi guys, first, excuse my bad english. I think it comes from memories from the past, that preference for some subjects. I remember a F-14 that my dad gave me when I was a kid, battery powered, it moves the wings and do a secuence of movements, don't remember the unit marks :-(. There was a Mirage III too and my first scale model was a Matchbox 1/72 CorsairII then a Bf 110, BAC Lightning, Sepecat Jaguar....you got the idea. There was a TV series back with A-4' ...Blue Angels? Another show with F4U Corsairs in the pacific. All my prefered models come from that memories....now the Phantoms.
  8. OMG!.. I have to get at least 2 more Hasegawa Skyhawks.... Just 3 on stash...
  9. Sebastian, pass me your email to send the BB A-10 instructions
  10. Great !! Thanks for this. I love the A-7 since the three colored Matchbox 1/72 kit arrived at my hands...Thanks grandma!! Then I was 12 Years Old. What a lot of blacks mk-82 on this SLUF...I have the kit..found it years ago in GreatModels Webstore, now gone. Well I ended looking for Walter Mitty ... and listening Space Oddity. BTW Thanks to all of you guys..this forum rocks!! First post. Wilfredo Rocca from Venezuela.
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