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  1. Hi, Anyone know the dimensions of EL/L-8212 pods? Couldn't find any information online, and close up pictures too.
  2. Hi, I thought the AMA pod is slightly longer than the normal AIM-9. I couldn't find any dimensions for the AMA pod & EL/L8212 pods on the Internet sadly.
  3. Hi everyone! Just asking does anyone know the dimensions of the AMA pods carried by the F-16s? Does the AMA pods have the same dimensions as the AIM-9Bs? Thanks everyone!
  4. For LAU-128, which is the most accurate dimension wise in 1/48? Academy? GWH? Or Wolfpack F-15E F-15K Conversion set? Thank you...
  5. Great work! Just asking what colours did you use for the exhaust nozzles & exhaust pipes? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Just asking does Eduard Brassin's 1/48 MiG-29 wheels for Eduard kit fit on Academy's MiG-29 kit? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! Just inquiring is Eduard's MiG-31BS canopy paint mask works on MiG-31BM? Are BS's canopy similar to the BMs? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Need your opinions. Which aftermarket exhaust nozzles are highly recommended for Academy 1/48 MiG-29? Aires or Eduard? Or there's some other brands that I don't know about. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Yes, that's what I am leaning towards, Academy. I plan to model it with canopy & bomb bay doors close so Academy seems fine for me.
  10. Hi, So if I want to build an accurate OOB 1/48 F-111, regardless of version, which brand should give me the less work to make it accurate? Academy or Hobby Boss? Seems like there's no conclusion here.
  11. Good day everyone, Just inquiring, are there any pics of B83 instant sunshine bombs being fitted to F-16s, F-15s & F-18s? On Youtube, I only saw F-15E fitted with B61, but no pics on B83s. Google came up empty. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! Sorry for bringing up this post. Will be visiting Phoenix, Arizona soon, understand there are a lot of model hobby shops in Phoenix especially Hobby Lobby, Hobby Bench, Andy's Hobby Hq, Hobby Depot & Hobby Destination. Any other good hobby shops in Phoenix to recommend? Prefer non-Gundams and non-R/C... Thanks for reading...
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