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  1. Cheers! Just expect some minor delays due to the backlog size... Just 1-2 days longer than normal.
  2. We are looking forward for your correspondence 🙂 thanks Gabor! Ilias
  3. This discount period will not be the last 😄
  4. Hey Hubbie Marsten, I am not the most suitable person in the room to answer this but the chances of getting the concept are high.
  5. LOL - just decided to send you 20-30% less money as this is the discount range across the ENTIRE inventory - just for 48h or until the stock is depleted.
  6. To be fair, I must give the Aires team kudos as the support the48ers.com customers get whenever there is an issue is top. At least this is my experience re customer care. I am also in contact with Aires regarding this topic so hopefully it will be resolved. Ilias
  7. Black Friday at the48ers.com starts on Thursday Nov 28 at midnight GMT+2 (5pm Eastern Time)... 🙂
  8. Black Friday at the48ers.com starts on Thursday Nov 28 at midnight GMT+2 (5pm Eastern) 🙂
  9. Cheers! So far there are available approx. 100 different product lines and will start having available helicopter related product IDs included in the each order we place to each manufacturer going forward incl. Renaissance Models 🙂 Also, just a quick reminder that the 15% OFF for pre-ordering will end at 5pm Eastern time today. Cheers, Ilias
  10. Thanks for the information guys. @snake36bravo: you are right about LSM seems to be the only choice, as I spent some time looking around on a number of producers. We would love to have LSM products available at the48ers.com.
  11. Hey Lee, what is the kit manufacturer? Will have to look it up.
  12. Cheers Chris. The plan is to gradually expand the helicopter product range as we did with the modern aircraft related aftermarket sets. If anyone has ideas for must-have helicopter manufacturers (not necessarily just the mainstream) feel free to pm me. Thanks!
  13. Hi midnightprowler, The "In Stock" reference is a website/platform limitation to allow for orders to be placed (In Stock & Stock > 0 then the item can be placed in the cart). In the large orange box it says PREORDER, which is the true status for the product. Pre-Order Products will be available for dispatching towards the end of next month hoping that no delays will take place due to the holiday post-office workload. We will then dispatch. Hope it is more clear now. We plan to expand the selection on helicopter aftermarkets; this is just the appetizer 🙂 Same as we did for the modern aircrafts, where now there are around 5,500 aftermarket products in 1/48 only! In order to see the dollar value (estimate based on the latest FX rate the website uses), just select USD at the top right on the Home page. Please also note that orders shipped outside European Union are not charged with 19% VAT. Anything that is not clear I would be happy to clarify. Ilias
  14. Hi guys, Just a quick heads-up that the48ers.com have expanded into the helicopters space and offer at Pre-Order a good number of aftermarket sets in 1/48 @ 15% discount! You can check what is available here. Pre-Order is available until Nov 23. Thanks, Ilias
  15. Hello, Just a quick update of our recent news: 1. Restocked as well as received new releases from: AMUR Reaver, Black Dog, DN Models, NorthStar Models, Pavla Models, Renaissance, Wolfpack-Design. 2. Expecting new items and restocks the next few days from: Amigo Models, Armycast, Barracuda Studio, Cold War Studio, DXM Decals, Galaxy Model, Hypersonic, Models, KA Models, KASL Hobby, Maestro Models, Rafalik, ResKit, Series Espanolas, Wingman Models. 3. Planning to introduce WWII aftermarket as well as model kits SOON !!! In order to get more frequent updates as well as be notified for discounts and pre-order campaigns sign up to our newsletter here. Thanks www.the48ers.com
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