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  1. Hi Mark, we restocked on DXM last week but the new F-4EJ Kai Sea Camo scheme was not included in the package so we wait for the replacements. You will get the discount anyway because of the waiting time 🙂
  2. It all started 2 years ago, when the48ers.com project went live! We wanted to create a reference place for those that deal with the 1/48 scale. Since then and based on your support, we managed to grow bigger and be able and offer around 4,000 aftermarket products specifically for modern aircrafts, always in our favorite scale! Equally importantly, we managed to earn the trust and partner with a number of great manufacturers around the world that do offer fantastic products designed to help us transform our kits into masterpieces. This week we celebrate our 2nd anniversary and we offer our entire product range at 5-40% off till Sunday, Feb 17 at EOD, GMT. We will be sharing our future plans soon... Thanks!
  3. Ilias

    Viper control stick 1:1

    Hey Ioannis, really awesome - any plans to offer the throttle stick as well in the future ?😀
  4. I am sure the guys from AMUR Reaver will soon be announcing a couple of interesting new PE sets...
  5. Certainly, I wonder if it could work better to sum up all your requests with specific product numbers (strictly in 1/48). You can contact us here: sales@the48ers.com
  6. Thanks Mr Matt Foley, it is our habit(!) to make available the entire product range from ALL the manufacturers we work with. And there is no exception with Mikhail's Amigo Model / Advanced Modelling product ranges. Another order is underway... By the way, the48ers.com plan to expand to other areas of interest. More to be announced soon 😉
  7. As I have been in both sides of the transaction and regardless of whether the transaction processor (PayPal or other) protects the buyer (in most cases) one needs to consider the fundamentals of a transaction: to be a win-win for both sides. So the seller has every interest to keep their customers happy as well as the customer ensures that trusted sellers are around. Just a personal view.
  8. Ilias

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    As well as in a number of other shops now as the Super Detail Exhaust series is indeed very popular!
  9. Ilias

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    Right, KA Models just released 8 sets for the F-4 Phantom. For A/B/C/D/N or E/F/G/J/EJ/S, Open or Closed nozzle as well as with or without the afterburner.
  10. Just a heads up that the early holiday discount period started at the48ers.com. More than 3,500 products in 1/48 scale are available with up to 15% off. An extra 5% discount (to get you to up to 20% discount in total) can be achieved when opting in to the newsletter (if not already done so). Also, requires logging in during the check out process (more info re the required steps below). The discount period will last for 4 days, till Thursday 22 November at 23:59 GMT or while stock lasts. Thanks! (For those that wish to get to up to 20% off, here are the required steps: 1. Opt in to the newsletter: Sign up via the following link: http://eepurl.com/cCfF4f. Confirm that you would like to receive our monthly newsletter 2. Log in: prior placing the order log in to the48ers.com using this page: https://the48ers.com/customer/account/login/ Any questions please email us: sales@the48ers.com)
  11. Hey Gary, the Hypersonic dealers can be found in this link http://www.hypersonicmodels.com/content/links but Jeffrey will be able to provide more on this.
  12. Time needs to be spent on designing new products as well so it's not just casting LOL
  13. We aim to continue offering these great products and be always properly stocked, as high availability is one of our key goals.
  14. Ilias

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    There is also the manufacturer's option to buy if from (http://ka-models.co.kr/)
  15. Ilias

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    Thanks guys. F-15 C/D/E/K P&W exhaust nozzle set (opened) for Academy/Revell/GWH is now on PRE-ORDER status @ 12.5% off and estimated shipping date of Sept 28 (we will aim for earlier). https://the48ers.com/se-f-15-c-d-e-k-p-w-exhaust-nozzle-set-opened-5182.html Btw, we are working for much cheaper shipping fees in the short term (-25% for Europe and -20% for RoW). More soon