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  1. Just for a few days... More than 2,000 products at 40% OFF https://the48ers.com/products-on-discount/ + all rest of the inventory on discount, while stock lasts... In total, 8,000+ products (in stock now) to choose from - just for a few more days!!
  2. Pre-order the latest release from HMH Publications @ 15% off: Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E https://the48ers.com/sukhoi-su-35s-flanker-e.html Also, all HMH Publication titles are on pre-order in case you missed a previous release. More here: https://the48ers.com/books-en/?features_hash=1-19662
  3. Summer Sales started at the48ers.com. ALL product (kits, resin / PE sets, decals, masks, tools, various supplies) are up to 30% OFF. More here: https://the48ers.com/
  4. Thanks but this is because of all of you guys that have embraced the risky (from a commercial standpoint) but so joyful project of creating a place for aviation project related stuff in 1/48 only!!!
  5. Weekend sales 15% off on ALL WWI and WWII products - kits and aftermarket sets. https://the48ers.com/weekends-deal/?features_hash=6-Y
  6. Honored to have been selected as an exclusive reseller of the BAM products! Restocks take place regularly.
  7. An order will be placed soon and the48ers.com will restock all available Caracal Models' items along with all new releases!
  8. Thanks for the kind words, the goal is to keep on raising the bar!
  9. On this Weekend's sales, all decal sets (including 3D decals) on discount! https://the48ers.com/weekends-deal/ Valid only for a few more hours
  10. Thanks Brian - the48ers.com are honored to cooperate with Fightertown Decals!
  11. Hi all, Just a heads up that discounts up to 30% on ALL products will end in a few hours! Thanks for celebrating together our 4th anniversary!! 🎂🎂 https://the48ers.com/promotions-list/
  12. Hi all! New website and just for a few hours all ResKit as well as Metallic Details products at 15% OFF 🙂 https://the48ers.com/weekends-deal/?sl=en
  13. Glad to announce that the products are finally available at the48ers.com: https://the48ers.com/resins?manufacturer=1432 Products from both brands are being added to the inventory over the next few hours.
  14. And while on SALES across ALL products, new products and restocks are keep on coming! The most recent are: Rafale F3R upgrade set as well as Rafale B/C/M intakes in 1/48 from BAM (https://the48ers.com/resins?manufacturer=1431)
  15. Just a heads-up that ALL products in 1/48 are up to 40% OFF!!! https://the48ers.com/discounted-products-on-sale Thanks
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