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  1. Hi all, just a heads up that our Summer Sales started with all products at up to -30%. As we promised, we gradually stock WWI and WWII kits as well as aftermarket sets. More here.
  2. DXM products just received and back in stock. Btw, we have a massive Summer (or Winter based on where you are located) Sales promo with ALL our products on discount (up to 30% off).
  3. The order will soon leave the manufacturer and hopefully will reach our warehouse towards the end of next week. In general, due to the global situation with the pandemic, the ordering / delivery process has been prolonged, in some cases massively but we tried to restock many brands and we will continue doing so. New aftermarket manufacturers will be added soon while kits are continuously added as well.
  4. ZM announced that the F-4E Phantom II (early version) will start to become available from September this year. We plan to have it available by mid October, fingers crossed, with all this uncertainty going on due to the pandemic... Currently it is offered at -20% and available for pre-order https://the48ers.com/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/10922/s/f-4e-early-phantom-ii/ Thanks Ilias
  5. The Su-34 landing gear is back in stock (https://the48ers.com/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/9187/s/su-34/) together with many more products from dozen of brands around the world 🙂 New manufacturers will be added soon!
  6. Just a heads-up that we opened the pre-order on ZM, Kinetic, GWH as well as Eduard kits with up to 30% discount! Available for just a few days... 🙂 https://the48ers.com/plastic-kits?prod_availability=1192
  7. Hey guys just a heads up that for a few more days we have all the Aires, Quickboost as well as Aerobonus items at 10% OFF and available for pre-order. As we have announced to expand to WWI and WWII sets and soon at kits across all eras! Here are all 800+ discounted items. Stay tuned!
  8. Also, we currently ship via TNT / FedEx worldwide. However, placing an order with Cyprus Post (cheaper option) is also available but we will be able to ship only when the Post will be able to process orders to international destinations.
  9. Hi all, Just a heads-up for up to 30% discount on ALL products. Approx. 5,000 products to choose from https://the48ers.com/discounted-products-on-sale More on the way!
  10. Thanks Curt, appreciated. We stick to our vision, which is create a place dedicated to the 1/48 scale. With this in mind we try to add as many product lines as possible even though sometimes the trade discount that is provided is was below average (hence the expensive retail price). But we believe that more options should keep on being available. Kits soon... 🙂
  11. Hi all, Just a heads up that the48ers expand their product range, which now includes WWI and WWII aftermarkets. Until the end of March we offer 20% off on all Eduard and Master Model products (all on pre-order status). Check out the entire list here (approx. 1000 products!) The plan is to reach and exceed our current Jet product range that exceeds 6500 products. Stay tuned!
  12. Really appreciate your kind words and support! Comments like this do allow us to keep on going. "I remember when I found them and was amazed that there was a web store dedicated to 1/48 aftermarket. I was in heaven." Well, this is the reason why the48ers.com appeared three years ago. As a modeller, my passion is to build jet planes in 1/48 scale and I always wanted to find a place dedicated to my favorite scale, as I was less interested in any other scales or topics (with all due respects to thousands fellow modellers that work on different scales). One would argue that a large number of very well respected modelling shops have been offering a great selection of products for ever and I would not disagree at all. I just dreamed of a place slightly different based on my personal interests i.e. the 1/48 scale; as simple as that. With all that in mind, it was not hard to draft our vision: "To become the reference eShop for aviation related products in 1/48 scale". Probably, a long-shot many would say; one thing is for sure: we will be trying to get closer to our vision and implement our ideas as long as we can
  13. Darren - a big thank you for the models we were able to put together using your goodies!
  14. Hi all, As we celebrate our third anniversary this month we would like to publicly say a huge Thanks! to all of you that supported this initiative. the48ers.com's vision is to become a reference place for aviation related products in 1/48 scale. Now, whether this is a long shot or not, I guess time will tell !! Staring from next month we plan to start offering WWI and WWII aftermarkets while kits will follow. If you wish to receive news of the upcoming offer plan just sign up here For the time being, we offer double reward points to any order is placed today and tomorrow (till Feb 13 midnight GMT).
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