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  1. Glad to announce that the products are finally available at the48ers.com: https://the48ers.com/resins?manufacturer=1432 Products from both brands are being added to the inventory over the next few hours.
  2. And while on SALES across ALL products, new products and restocks are keep on coming! The most recent are: Rafale F3R upgrade set as well as Rafale B/C/M intakes in 1/48 from BAM (https://the48ers.com/resins?manufacturer=1431)
  3. Just a heads-up that ALL products in 1/48 are up to 40% OFF!!! https://the48ers.com/discounted-products-on-sale Thanks
  4. The price will be soon announced as the set will include a bonus item 🙂
  5. Pre Holiday SALES with ALL products (>10,000 codes in 1/48 only) at up to 35% OFF! https://the48ers.com/
  6. Eduard kits up to 35% off - valid till Nov 8 at midnight PST or while stock lasts. Check them here: https://the48ers.com/plastic-kits?recommended_kit=1007&prod_availability=1087&dir=asc&order=sku
  7. All the best to the new endeavor! The48ers.com will be supportive on this! We have received the first batch and personally I have set aside 2 sets for my Rafales 🙂 Pre-orders have been dispatched and a few sets are available prior to the next order.
  8. Worth reading before applying the QS decals. Hope it helps.
  9. Yes, sorry guys. Only 1/48 products at the48ers.com 🙂
  10. Hi Sernak and thanks for the question. PayPal is temporarily unavailable as we build our new website. We expect that we will be able to launch it in around a month. However, modelers from around the world do use the alternative (JCC Payment Systems, certified by the ECB and local Central Bank) i.e. a credit / debit card. Btw, only valid for one more day (till Oct, 4th midnight PST) KA-Models as well as KASL Hobby sets at up to 20%! Limited availability: https://the48ers.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?manufacturer_code=&manufacturer[]=1186&manu
  11. Really interesting and will help many out there!
  12. The UpRise product range will be available tomorrow at the48ers.com 🙂
  13. LP Models also chose the48ers.com as one of their resellers. The entire range in 1/48 will soon be available.
  14. We believe we will able to source it towards the end of October, but this is just an estimation. Many know the48ers.com as a place that offers a wide variety of aftermarket sets, but we started expanding to kits and we aim at making available all new releases from all key kits' brands 😀
  15. Hopefully, in a few weeks' time as we are already past our initially estimated timeframe to go live with the new website. The reason is purely technical. As an alternative to PayPal, we offer a credit / debit card option via JCC Payment Systems, an organisation certified by the European Central Bank. We also provide the Bank Transfer option for intra-Eurozone payments (typically no bank fees are charged from banks within EU) that also gives x2 reward points. We do apologise for the inconvenience and we would like to thank those that trusted the card payment
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