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  1. I made some modifications on spinner, cockpit, wheel bays and many other parts. Everything is riveted with RB Rivet-R. Academy decals from this box are the worst I ever worked with.
  2. Model finished in December 2016 but I waited until now to take some photos. I thought Miniart will release Modern US Tank crew so I can put them on turret.
  3. Ferrari F2003-GA Michael Schumacher - Italian GP - 2003 Model Factory Hiro 1/20 Start: 09.12.2016. End: 03.03.2017. Shunko & Hobby Design Carbon Decals Top Studio: Rivets, Hose clamps, Wheel center lock nuts Hobby Design resin Electric connectors MFH Seat belts - Red Zero Paints - Rosso Formula 1 - pre-2004 Nose stand and engine cover stands are made from 1mm copper wire soldered together.
  4. Abrams is finished for now and it goes to shelf. I won't put any more photos till I get my hands on Miniart tank crew figures. Base is basic, sand terrain with tank attached to it by screw.
  5. Base color is MIG Chipping paint, rubber is flat black. Weathered with rust wash and Light dust pigment. Inner side: Opposite side:
  6. That yellowish circle is piece of holographic golden foil from gift wrap, something simiral to this : http://www.drogeria-vmd.com/imgcache/5/2/p77159-vyr-32531hvez_285_285_28516.jpg Rounded green square is piece of iridescent transparent vinyl foil from Ebay. It looks similar to this, it is transparent pink, but reflects green color: http://www.cdhm.org/tutorials/images/fairywings/fullsize/fantasyfilmwingstutoria07.jpg Both parts are glued from inside using non-agresive glue.
  7. Turret is not finished yet, bu stuff the is missing will come after complete assembly. I am currently working on tracks and wooden base, so you can expect photos in next few days. There is one problem, very tight fit between hull and turret which makes it difficult to turn around.
  8. Turret and canon finished. I am satisfied with result so probably there won't be much changes. AK and Mig washes are used.
  9. Smaller parts finished. Contrast on photos is boosted, to see weathering better. One rope and cabel are for grenade launchers. Thicker antenna (EPLRS) is painted in olive. This two shields will be in "down" position, because figure would be to "closed". This hatch will be closed, as model doesn't have interior, and commander goes on turret in standing position:
  10. I'll be doing this one: http://www.bhmpics.com/walls/brown_m1a2_abrams_tank-wide.jpg As you can see, on this photo and many other online, ERA blocks were cleaner than most people think. My plan is to make it bit more dirty than photo, but nothing too much as "spanish school" does
  11. Primer first, then Revell 43 as base color. For pattern I used Revell 47 and Gunze H313 to make small "dots". Wash is MIG panel line wash Deep grey. Basic painting is done. Now gloss coat and weathering. Sand color is Gunze H313. Masks for rubber on wheels are home made, wheel hubs are painted with classic brush.
  12. All parts finished, now painting. Armored glass is transparent, only edges are painted with a mix of blue and green. Velcro tapes are made from tamiya tape by this photo: http://www.bhmpics.com/walls/brown_m1a2_abrams_tank-wide.jpg All parts together (almost all):
  13. Sleeping mats are made of aluminium sheet, thickness cca. 0,25mm. Little canals for straps are made using non-sharp side of skalpel blade. Binocular is modified one from Tamiya box, M4 is from Live Resin, also modified with homemade optics. Straps and buckles are Voyager. Big dryfit, ratchet and strap in smaller basket will be connected differently at the end, this is only a dryfit. Some may say that this is overkill but i like it this way, Abrams is not intere
  14. Thank you all, I'm glad you like it!
  15. But be careful...MOLLE system slowly replaced ALICE after 2001. Also,on Croatian forum they told me that jerry can I used is not in use any more (they introduced plastic one in '93). Fresh update from yesterday: Some parts are painted...
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