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  1. Where did you find a zvezda Su-25???? In 1/48? I am wanting one as well.
  2. Looking forward to the C-17 sheet! Have 2 of the c-17s in the stash that need better decals!
  3. Awesome!!!! Order placed thank you!
  4. Awesome!!!!! I see several there on my list
  5. Interested in the Globemaster III ….sent pm
  6. To add to dutch's post here is what the centennial decal colors were, although this is not a pic of the KC-135r it was the logo that we used.
  7. Put me down for a set.........
  8. Not worried about the wait, besides your decals are worth the wait, I think now I finally have enought uh-1n's to do all the schemes i want!
  9. Dustin

    Aztec Decals

    Got my order in the mail today! Looking forward to using the decals
  10. I can hear my wallet groaning already.....have to get at least 1 of these!
  11. Just found a 1/48Hasegawa F-16b with out a canopy, anyone have a spare or somewher to find one? Dustin
  12. Are you doing the box art version VMFA-531? I have that kit and Im planning on doing the VMFA-314 scheme, you can have the VMFA-531 Decals from my kit if you want Dustin
  13. Dustin

    Aztec Decals

    I sent an email to info@aztecmodels.com on the 4th of this month and did recieve a response this morning from emontoya@aztecmodels.com. Saying my order had shipped and it was taking longer then usual. Dustin
  14. Awesome! Been Waiting on the twin huey!
  15. Awesome been waiting on the dark vipers, order in! Thanks for all your work KursadA.
  16. Loooking forward to this release, had to pick up my 4th UH-1N just because of the schemes you have shown! Awesome work!
  17. Uh oh I get the sneaky suspicion I going to need to order my uh-1n's 3 is not going to be enough lol.
  18. Lol, my thoughts exactly. Wondering how many more I'm gonna need! Dustin
  19. Any chance you could sneak 776 (3rd photo) in there somewhere? Its from the pathfinders at malstrom in Great Falls, Mt. Just a hop, skip and 4 hrs from where I live. I love building MT birds. Plus I have 3 of these to build so what ever is on there I will be buying this sheet. Dustin
  20. 🥳🥳 got my credit card ready!!!!!!! Dustin
  21. Will try and get some pics of the trees but it may be a day or two before I get a chance Dustin
  22. I have both kits, the N just arrived in my hands last week. Has the exact same trees from the F and looks like it adds some of the sprues from the chinese military version as well. I noticed that the instructions are different with no mention of building or attaching the hoist. Other then that i haven't noticed to much different between the two kits, however that was just a quick whats in the box peek. Haven't had much time to compare yet. Ran back and did a quick look at the extra sprues one has the part # kh80109 IHZ-9b/c, kh80110 IHZ-9w, and one labeled kh80107 couple extra piec
  23. I see a couple of must haves, the Raven, Apache, and the Chinook. Should use up the rest of my model budget for this month lol.
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