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  1. The comparison is perfectly valid IMHO : AMK wants to compete with Tamiya or Hasegawa or even exceed them in terms of molding quality, ease of assembly, part detailing, etc. Why should modelers feel free to compare AMK and Tamiya's Tomcat but refrain from comparing development time or methods or PR stuff, because "AMK is a much smaller company with much less development resources" ? It is like saying "my Lamborghini Countach is so much more powerful, so much louder, so much faster, so much more colourful than your Porsche. It is however built like a s**t and took forever to be deli
  2. As far as I remember, all we got from Trumpeter was a leaflet with stuff like "Intruder coming soon" enclosed in other kits, for years, that is all. No raving about how incredible their kit would be, no other advert with difficult to respect timelines, no pre-ordering or "fund-raising" rubbish, no social media "we listen to modelers and we love you" bs stuff. From AMK, we had all this. Now again it is going to be weeks since they provided photos about new sprues...
  3. Sooo, to get back to the topic, when is the kit supposed to be released ? Is it still August 2018 ?
  4. Talking about Shadrik's art ? A member posts his beautiful art and that's what comes to your mind first ? 👍
  5. Very nice art, well done !
  6. A P-47N would require a new wing sprue, and possibly new cockpit IP.
  7. Hello Chris, It is a nice but not well designed kit : difficult to build. In certain areas, it is more accurate than the Revell kit (belly A/C ram air intake, wing lower skin ram air exhaust, wing lower skin reinforcement strips, wheel rims, so mostly detail stuff) but in others, it is really lacking (simplified and undefined-molded landing gears, horrible rubber tires, ugly engine intake fans, rubbish decal sheet, etc). The rear fuselage parts 1 and 20 present a molding defect, something like a sink mark 1mm deep on a 40mm x 20mm area, all my 7 kits feature it. It is visible
  8. Outch, double outch, yes I didn't mean GWH... AMK of course, my apologies. I'll edit my post.
  9. I cannot believe such a let down in communication from AMK. We went from too much trumpeting talk to almost nothing. Isn't there something possible in between ? Like 1 honest monthly follow up ? Or are their hands so full that they cannot spare 5 minutes for 1 simple follow up ? I read the story about the factory priority business part, then the model kit moulding if it becomes a priority (massive order ? In advance payments ? Relax, these are only guesses) but... can you build customer confidence by telling them "you're coming after, or buy tons and you may
  10. Now watch for the "I can have a Revell 1/72 A400M kit for USD 50, no way I pay USD 70 for the C-17 kit" usual comment. As far as I'm concerned, good move from Raymond and Kinetic : get it right no matter how long it takes. No need to BS us with single part missiles pics again and again and again while nothing else seem to be progressing, like another company I will not name. Being such a large kit, I guess the fuselage plastic shell needs to be thicker than usual, therefore the weight issues. Tricky balance as you say. I have to say i am delight
  11. From the photos currently available, it looks like an improvement over the Testor kit, but those trench-like panel lines ???
  12. Great post ! What about that moronistic pirate way of talking ? How could it so suddently disappear ? Did he get some sort of "branlée" from the mods ?
  13. Impatient to see the definitive part photos. All the ones we have seen until now were considered "test-shots-the-final-parts-will-be-refined-blah-blah-blah"... I feel the recessed details were heavy for a beast like the B-2, not to mention the simplified main landing gears... no, will wait for a detailed review.
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