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  1. Very nice weathering! That oops doesnt look like it will be too bad of a fix. Hey, for future reference, on the flaps at the trailing edge of the wing, the small inboard section is just right. The larger outer sections actually drop further than that little inboard section does. The reason why they split that into two sections was because if it were just one piece, they could not lower the flaps as far as they would have wanted without the flap hitting the fuselage. I have not had much time to even look at my kit lately. I removed everything relating to the cockpit from the fuselage halv
  2. http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VAQ/Electronic-Attack-Squadron-137.htm If you scroll through the photos, you will see a close-up shot of the left front of the a/c, caption under the photo says February 1998. Your decal instruction is incorrect on the year of deployment, GW was commissioned in 1992, so there could not have been a WESTPAC cruise aboard her in 1988.
  3. I hope this helps, this is an in-flight shot of the right side of 161115, in the exact same markings as your decals: Prowlers EDIT, it was only after I posted that I saw it was the same one that someone already had posted. Sorry about that
  4. I remember meeting Dale "Snort" Snodgrass. For a number of years, he was the F-14 east coast demo pilot, would fly at air shows. I've seen this man fly at dozens and dozens of air shows. He flew in ODS as the CO of VF-33, if I remember right. I remember he was telling us about one mission, a fighter sweep for some attack jets. They were dodging SAMs, and in the process, he lost one engine due to compressor stall. At that time, all the jets flying in Iraqi air space had two engines....F-14, F-15, A-6.....and here he was, with one good engine. He was worried about going to afterburner on
  5. Has anyone tried just cutting the bulges out? I mean, cut out the bulge, flip the wing over, glue some flat scrap pieces around the opening to form a lip, and then glue in a flat piece of stock to close it up? Sure, you would have to fill the seams, but as far as modeling goes, that should not be too difficult. I'm no F-4 expert either, so if there is more to the wing that needs to be changed, don't flame me as I'm not aware. I could just see this working well on a flat area like the wing
  6. Caracal makes a sheet for this same squadron with the same tail markings in 1/32, but it does not include the blue "02" and the a/c numbers are different. The sheet is CD32005, ANG Eagles Part 3. Looks like the sheet has a hi-vis and a low-vis option on it.
  7. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=190875&st=0&p=1786217&hl=arctic%20tiger&fromsearch=1entry1786217
  8. Fightertown already makes this set, in 1/48 scale. Search for Fightertown Decals FTD48035.
  9. In 1/48 and 1/32 scale... F-8D Crusader, VF-13, USS Shangri-La, 1968 My link This is a representation. More specifically, I've got a particular nose number/bureau number in mind, but when it comes to Crusaders, most of the decal sets that have been produced are for more well known squadrons or MiG killer birds. VF-13 and VF-62 for example were on the Shang in the Med while Vietnam was going on. There are scores of lesser known aircraft that would make great subjects but since they are not well known, no one makes decals for them. I'd love to see something like a "Mayhem in the Med" mult
  10. That's not the tailhook, it's the holdback bar. It's a bar that they attach to a lug on the fuselage, and the other end is fastened to the deck. It's designed to break or release only at a certain level of pressure, so the pilot can go full burner, but the plane will not move until the cat fires. Then, the holdback bar link breaks and the plane gets launched. Without one of these, many carrier planes would have a hard time taking off. For example, if you tried to lock the brakes and go full burner in a Phantom, you could roll the tires right off the wheels and the plane would move forward
  11. My best suggestion would be to choose a specific ship and research the deck details of that ship. Remember, there were multiple classes of carrier that served in Vietnam and they might have had different tie-down anchors installed. We still had some of the old 27 Charlie modified Essex class carriers, though your choice of a Phantom rules those out because the F-4 did not operate from the 27 Charlie decks. But there were still 3 Midway class, 4 Forrestal class, 3 Kitty Hawk class, and the Enterprise, all of which sailed with Phantoms aboard. The F-4J was introduced to squadron service in D
  12. I found the USAF crew chief for that bird. Here's a story, it carried nose art named after the crew chief's wife. http://www.177fw.ang.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123405923 I can also tell you that 51-2848 survived the 1950s, and was last registered with the FAA as N10186. It was last registered to the University of Maryland, and was deregistered at the end of 1963. No idea where it ended up from there. If I had to guess, I would say it was probably an instructional airframe at that time. http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?nNumberTxt=10186 This particular airc
  13. Bingo, not a photo but this is the reference sheet from a decal set for this exact aircraft, circa 1992, in the wraparound desert camo. Shows upper and lower surfaces, pilot's name, and even plane captain's name. http://www.masm.fr/Navycag/Decal48/FTD48026-VF-126Bandits-e.jpg Hope this helps!
  14. Havent found any pics for you yet, but found it interesting that one online source I found shows that that particular jet served with the Blue Angels too.... http://a4skyhawk.org/content/155000-blue-angels-photographer-unknown-g-verver-collection-4820 I did find several shots of 155000 in two different wraparound camo schemes, but they are all side shots. EDIT, can also tell you that some VF-126-used NFWS Skyhawks had a white belly/wings. This one did not. If you look at the various side shots of 155000 you will notice that the main landing gear doors are painted the same color as immedia
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