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  1. I wish the injured crewmen a quick recovery.
  2. Your insight and opinions in the current conflict zones are refreshing. Your opinion on the ROE are very clear as well, however I would like to give an example for those who are refraining from your opinion in this matter. The ROE's are there for a reason and cause, make sure that civilians are safe and so won't turn against: Friendly troops and the ultimate goals of the entire campaign. Last year a spectre gunship allegedly attacked an insurgents HQ in Afghanistan, in reality it attacked an Doctors with out borders hospital, the attack lasted for an hour and killing 19 paitients and docters, 37 people got wounded (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/03/asia/afghanistan-doctors-without-borders-hospital/). This example clearly states the reason why ROE's should be in place and are important for the friendly troops, they are the first to experience civilians turning against them. Remind that we are safe in our homes. Our troops doing the messy and dirty work, should be a much protected as possible to create workable conditions for them, the ROE's help them not hinder them.
  3. Dear Zactowoman and Zactoman, You both are in my thoughts and I wish both all the strength and energy needed to overcome this sickness. Best wishes Ronald
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